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  1. Hmmm read that whole thread and the answer is not obvious, as I don't have any of the errors mentioned in the thread... 


    Is this the line in mysite.com/includes/configure.php that may be containing an error?




    And, if I change this line, I wonder what else in my site I might be breaking...


    If you can't tell, changing values in my config files makes me uneasy. ;-)

  2. Ok, I heard from my host and I have a rewrite rule that causes any directory with index.php to hide it from the display url.  The effect of this is that it cause the script to not execute.  I originally renamed the file map-index.php, but the rewrite rule then rewrote the url to /map- (removed index.php) and returned a 404.  So, I renamed the file again to index-map.php and NOW it is executing, and finally showing errors.  That's right, I'm happy to finally see errors!  Here they are:

    Opening   /sitemapproducts.xmlFS_CAT    Server    http://www.mysite.comSave Path /WS_CAT    /ERROR: Google Product Sitemap Generation FAILED!Opening   /sitemapcategories.xmlFS_CAT    Server    http://www.mysite.comSave Path /WS_CAT    /ERROR: Google Category Sitemap Generation FAILED!Opening   /sitemapimages.xmlFS_CAT    Server    http://www.mysite.comSave Path /WS_CAT    /ERROR: Google Images Sitemap Generation FAILED!Opening   /sitemapindex.xmlFS_CAT    Server    http://www.mysite.comSave Path /WS_CAT    /ERROR: Google Sitemap Index Generation FAILED!Array(    [QUERY] => Array        (            [PRODUCTS] => Array                (                    [STATUS] => success                    [NUM_ROWS] => 2343                )            [CATEOGRY] => Array                (                    [STATUS] => success                    [NUM_ROWS] => 280                )            [IMAGES] => Array                (                    [STATUS] => success                    [NUM_ROWS] => 2343                )        )    [SAVE_FILE_XML] => Array        (            [0] => Array                (                    [file] => /sitemapproducts.xml                    [status] => failure                    [file_exists] => false                )            [1] => Array                (                    [file] => /sitemapcategories.xml                    [status] => failure                    [file_exists] => false                )            [2] => Array                (                    [file] => /sitemapimages.xml                    [status] => failure                    [file_exists] => false                )            [3] => Array                (                    [file] => /sitemapindex.xml                    [status] => failure                    [file_exists] => false                )        ))
    Opening   /sitemap_mobileproducts.xmlFS_CAT    Server    http://www.www.mysite.comSave Path /WS_CAT    /ERROR: Google Product Sitemap Generation FAILED!Opening   /sitemap_mobilecategories.xmlFS_CAT    Server    http://www.mysite.comSave Path /WS_CAT    /ERROR: Google Category Sitemap Generation FAILED!Opening   /sitemap_mobileimages.xmlFS_CAT    Server    http://www.mysite.comSave Path /WS_CAT    /ERROR: Google Images Sitemap Generation FAILED!Opening   /sitemap_mobileindex.xmlFS_CAT    Server    http://www.mysite.comSave Path /WS_CAT    /ERROR: Google Sitemap Index Generation FAILED!Array(    [QUERY] => Array        (            [PRODUCTS] => Array                (                    [STATUS] => success                    [NUM_ROWS] => 2343                )            [CATEOGRY] => Array                (                    [STATUS] => success                    [NUM_ROWS] => 280                )            [IMAGES] => Array                (                    [STATUS] => success                    [NUM_ROWS] => 2343                )        )    [SAVE_FILE_XML] => Array        (            [0] => Array                (                    [file] => /sitemap_mobileproducts.xml                    [status] => failure                    [file_exists] => false                )            [1] => Array                (                    [file] => /sitemap_mobilecategories.xml                    [status] => failure                    [file_exists] => false                )            [2] => Array                (                    [file] => /sitemap_mobileimages.xml                    [status] => failure                    [file_exists] => false                )            [3] => Array                (                    [file] => /sitemap_mobileindex.xml                    [status] => failure                    [file_exists] => false                )        ))


  3. Found the display error code and changed it manually, still nothing written to the xml files, and no errors showing.  Somewhere along the line I doubled up on the mysql insert though, because I have some entries repeated on my Google XML SEO configuration page:


    Enable Images Map    true    
    Enable Images Map    false    
    Enable Manufacturers Map    false    
    Enable Mobile Map    false    
    Enable Mobile Map    false    
    Enable Specials Map    false    
    Enable Standard Pages Map    false    
    Enable Article Manager Topics Map    false    
    Enable Article Manager Topics Map    false    
    Enable Diagnostic Output    true    
    Exclude these pages        
    Mobile URL    http://mobile_domain.com/   
    Mobile URL    http://mobile_domain.com/


    It's a head scratcher! (for me)

  4. Hi Jack,

    Ok, I was previously running version 1.2, but it doesn't appear to have been working for quite a while.  I implemented the changes in the update docs (ran the sql and added the code block to admin/includes/functions/general.php).  I deleted the old googlesitemap directory and all its contents and replaced it with the 1.9 version.  Navigated to the googlesitemap/index.php on my site and am still getting blank xml files and no diagnostic output.


    I do have a heavily modified osc install, so maybe it's conflicting with something else...

  5. Hi Jack,

    I uploaded the new files (was running one from 2006) to my server, ran the sql, and changed permissions to 777 on the ones I want to use, but the xml files are empty.  I Enabled diagnostic Output, but where is it generated?  I assumed it would be on mysite.com/googlesitemap/index.php, but I don't see any errors.  When I navigate to the xml files I get:


    XML Parsing Error: no element found
    Location: http://www.mysite.com/sitemapcategories.xml
    Line Number 1, Column 1:


    Does this contrib work on older 2.2MS2 sites?


    Thanks for your time!

  6. Hello all,

    I'm attempting to switch to authorize.net and have installed Harald's AIM module. Before I can go about fiddling with further configuration, I've noticed that this module moves the payment form from the payments page to the confirmation page-which is not user-friendly. Does anyone have an idea on how to move it back to the payments page? Should I be using a different module?


    Any help appreciated!

  7. I just updated to the most recent version and am getting this error when I click "Install" in admin/modules/payment/trustcommerce


    1062 - Duplicate entry '0' for key 1
    INSERT INTO trustcommerce_avs (avs, avs_description) VALUES ('0', 'General decline or other error.'), ('X', 'Exact match, 9 digit zipcode.'), ('Y', 'Exact match, 5 digit zipcode.'), ('A', 'Street address match only.'), ('W', '9 digit zipcode match only.'), ('Z', '5 digit zipcode match only.'), ('N', 'No match on street address or zipcode.'), ('U', 'AVS unavailable on this card.'), ('G', 'Non-US card issuer, AVS unavailable.'), ('R', 'Card issuer system currently down, try again later.'), ('E', 'Error, ineligible - not a mail/phone order.'), ('S', 'Service not supported.'), ('O', 'Not applicable.');
    [TEP STOP]


    Any help?

  8. Installed and running great for a few months now-BUT I noticed that the breadcrumb trail is now "mirroring" itself. Instead of reading:


    home > Parent category > subcategory > product name > Meta information


    It's reading (in a category):


    Meta information > sub category > home > parent category > Sub category


    And for a product:


    Meta Information > Sub category > Item Name > Home > Parent Category > Sub Category > Item style #



    Any idea why it's listing some information twice now?

  9. I don't understand. Your first response says it is working but the second says it isn't. Can you explain in more detail what the problem is?

    Apologies for the confusion. The portion that is now working is the slashes being stripped from the text. Also, the generic override in Admin/Fill Tags is correctly adding the category titles and descriptions to the category pages that the customers can see, but it is not "overriding" the Meta Tags for the same categories.


    In other words, the title and description text on the category pages is appearing, but the title, description, and keywords meta tags for the category pages are remaining the default tags set in page control.


    It's entirely possible that I'm misunderstanding the function of the mod-but I assumed that the category meta tags would be customizeable in Fill Tags/Generic Override. Is this correct?

  10. Please try this: In admin/header_tags_fill_tags.php, find

                      $set = BuildGenericString($set, $addComma, 'categories_htc_title_tag', $categories_tags['categories_name'], $_POST['add_generic_cat_title'], $_POST['generic_cat_title']);

    and change it to

                      $set = BuildGenericString($set, $addComma, 'categories_htc_title_tag', $categories_tags['categories_name'], $_POST['add_generic_cat_title'], tep_db_prepare_input($_POST['generic_cat_title']));

    That will only be for the category title. I haven't tested it but if it works, the other lines will need to be changed too.


    It works-Thanks! I've changed the other three lines accordingly. Slashes are now stripped correctly.


    New question:

    It doesn't appear that the generic override is replacing the category head tags, as I'm still getting the generic title, description and keywords tags in the categories I just tested. The text on the page is displaying correctly, but the meta tags are all still generic. Am I doing something incorrectly?

  11. Code is already in place to handle apostrophes. How are entering them?

    For example, I have the category Men's Rings. With subcategories of different types. If the apostrophe appears in the category name (ITEMNAME) it appears correctly, but when I write "Men's rings from Blah blah ship free to Elbonia", the slashes before the apostrophes appear in the category titles and category descriptions. I'm writing them manually in the fill tags "generic Override" section.

  12. OK, it appears to be functioning correctly upon running fill tags a second time. Now, I am going back and customizing the category descriptions for each category per the instructions on the docs, but there is one area that is not explicit.


    I would like to select category groups in the "Filter by Category" section and give them all the same category description (except for the ITEMNAME) but I don't see a radio button option for "Fill selected tags" in options at the bottom. Do I select Fill all tags, and trust that it will only fill the selected tags-or is what I'm trying to do impossible?


    (I don't want to overwrite the category descriptions I've already customized manually)

  13. Running the headertags_seo_update.sql did not work as expected. it ran fine in phpmyadmin, but when I'd made all the file changes I was getting a tep-stop error on all category and product pages. Panicking, I uploaded and ran the uninstall script, knowing it would delete all my previous tags, but that's better than a dead site. That returned an error, so I uploaded the install script and ran it (which also returned an error), then ran the uninstall script (worked this time), and the install script once more (which seems to have worked).


    SO, I lost my previous tags. trying now to get them filled again...

  14. The Header Tags tables in the database can be exported and then imported to get that data over to the live database. But the other, and probably more important, data is in the products and categories and you can't export/import those unless they are all identical. If you have Easy Populate installed, you can use that to transport the product title and tags. The update files will only help if you had a previous version of Header Tags installed. If you did, then all of the database changes are in those updates.

    I am currently running header tags controller 2.3.7 on the live site. So, will running headertags_seo_update.sql work? I don't mean to be redundant, I just want to be sure that the headertags_seo_update.sql file is correct because none of the Update_Docs reference a version as old as the one I'm currently running.


    They start at 2.6.3 and I'm running 2.3.7.

  15. Jack,

    OK, I got this up and running on my dev site (I had made a copy/paste error not deleting enough code from the earlier version in admin/includes/categories.php). Now I would like to install it on the live site using the edited files from the dev site, but I don't want to lose all the header tags info already in the db. To get this running on the dev site I ran the uninstall sql then the install sql, but naturally that emptied all existing tags. I see that there are some update sql files for people who are upgrading, but they only go back to 2.6.x and I have 2.3.x installed.


    Should I run one of the update files, or do I need to start from scratch like on the dev site?

  16. No, that step is to determine where the problem is located. Now you know it is in that file. And, again, the instructions tell you to compare the files at that point to try to find the problem. In most cases, you can start at the top of the file and make the changes one at a time to see where the problem begins to happen. Using a program like WinMerge, as mentioned in the trobleshooting section also, allows you to do that easily.

    Yes-unfortunately it isn't available for mac. The nearest I have is the "compare files" option in an old copy of Golive. I'll try to reinstall the mods to that file incrementally and see where it gets me. Unfortunately, I have zero PHP skills so an out of place character looks just like the rest of the Greek to me. ;-)

  17. The troubleshooting procedure is: replace your file with the included one and see if it works.

    Yes, it works when I do that, but I lose the functionality of the previous mods. Is your recommendation to then reinstall the previous mods over your version of categories.php? I understand that you're under no obligation to support inter-mod compatibility, I'd just like to have a your mod working without giving up existing capabilities.