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  1. Hi, Could someone please help me apply the bullet contribution on the categories optimazation contribution? I so want the opt.contr. but I just dont want to give up my nice looking bullets... Here are the two contributions that I want to merge: Add Bullet Images,568 tep_show_category optimization,4075 If you can help me, please post the full categories.php in the answer so I just can grab copy and paste it. Best regards / Zuncan
  2. Dont get mad now. Of course i dont just take. I help wherever I can help. The thing is that I dont have any php-skills at all. The list with thing that could be done to improve this contribution was only meant as help in giving ideas. I would have done it myself if I could...
  3. One thing on my wishlist now would be to be able to sort the products by how many days are left and NA meaning 0. That way you can get a better overview of what product is most critical and so on. Im not a php guru, but here is some improvments that could be done to this contribution: - Ability to set own period (30 days, 47 days, 60 days or whatever) - Ability to filter out all products that do no show up in red text. - Ability to set own minimum days left before shown in red - When one has updated the stocklevel of a product its sends you automaticly back to the same place in low stock report. - Ability to set how many products to show per page (like 6, 9, 12, 40, 100 and so on). As it is now, I have to go thru 31 pages to look at my stocklevels. Thats because I have like 500 different products and only display 12 per page. Would be neat with only one or two pages. Well this is just the updates that I can think of right away. Would be great if they where done someday. Thx for a great contribution!
  4. Thx man! Im happy that you exist. This has helped me alot!
  5. Hi! I've installed version v2.0a because the latest version was screwed up (v2.01). The thing is that v.2.0a is calculating on the last 30 days of sales and lets me know 15 days before a product runs out of stock. I want it to be just like v2.01 - It calculates on the last 60 days and alarms if there is 20 days left before a product runs out of stock. Could someone help me out? What code to replace with what code? Greatful for help / Zuncan
  6. The lastest version is screwed up somehow...use version 2.0a and then apply the divison by zero fix manually.
  7. Wrong calculation! This is just the thing I need. Greatful for this contribution. I have installed it on my store and at first look it seem like its working, but it calculates the remaining days left on a product - totally wrong! For example: Name: Rollerblades Qty avaiable: 6 Model: xxxx 60 days sales: 17 Est. Stock: 116 days Ive installed the latest version of low stock report (v2.01) Could it be something wrong in stats_low_stock.php? Please help me out. I really need this one to work /Zuncan
  8. Hi! I badly need to use the Mopic contribution in my store. I ran into some problems with this contribution thou.. My shop is live and running and is heavily modified. There are no installinstructions for MoPic, just a bunch of files to overwrite. Thats bad man! If I replace them my store will be all messed up because I have modified my store so much. Please does anyone have installinstuctions for mopic?,mopic Or is there any other contribution out there that will let me ad several productimages for one single product? I dont want to show extra images on the product_info.php. I just want a "Next image button" in the popupimage-window. Please help / Zuncan
  9. Please help me.. Please..
  10. Hi Im using the contribution "add bullet images v1.0" in my caregories box. Im not quite satisfyed with how it works thou.. And I cant find a contribution that fit my needs. I just need to modify this contribution a little to work as I want. Could someone please help me do that since Im totally lost? This is how the contribution "add bullet images v1.0" works: But this is how I would want it to work: Here is the code for the contribution "add bullet images v1.0": Please help me change it to fit my needs. I will make sure it ends up as a contribution if this is possible. /Zuncan
  11. Hi! Im using the Bullet-images 1.0 for my categories in my store. But Im not satisfied with how the bullet works. --------------------------------------------------------------------- It shows bullet1 for categories with no subcategories It shows bullet2 for categories with subcategories It shows bullet3 for a opened category with subcategories --------------------------------------------------------------------- But this is how I would want it to be: --------------------------------------------------------------------- It shows bullet1 for categories with or without subcategories It shows bullet2 for subcategories It shows bullet3 for a opened category with subcategories --------------------------------------------------------------------- I don?t know how to modify the contribution to make it like that so I was hoping for someone to help me out. I would be more than greatful. Here is the code for the Bullet-images 1.0. Please modify it so it fits my needs.
  12. Is it maybe paypal?
  13. I sure like to have it like that to. Please let me know if you come up with a solution /Zuncan