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  1. I got an email from the authorities a few days ago telling me that from 2019 on I DO NOT HAVE to tax digital downloadable products differently for customers from different EU countries, as I had from 2015 on. 😃 I am not sure if this is new EU law or national law (I am from Germany), at least here In Germany you are freed of this when your company is located in only one EU country, and the downloadable product sales do not exceed 10,000 Euros per year.
  2. Not sure if this is a bug or if I am missing something. I just found that my shop does not send out the bank transfer data (like the IBAN etc.) in the confirmation email anymore, in case when 'money order' is the chosen payment option. The commit from May 3 commented out a line in moneyorder.php which made it stop working here: - $this->email_footer = MODULE_PAYMENT_MONEYORDER_TEXT_EMAIL_FOOTER; + //$this->email_footer = MODULE_PAYMENT_MONEYORDER_TEXT_EMAIL_FOOTER; When I remove the two // it works again. What am I missing here, should there be any new module instead that sends out this data and which is not setup correctly yet? And why is the line commented out and not simply removed when not needed anymore?
  3. inra311

    Can I change the maximum item weight?

    I think it IS kg already, not grams, just enter all values in kg everywhere. (or dou you mean lb to kg, I can't find it right now but it must be somewhere)
  4. inra311

    Can I change the maximum item weight?

    It is meant to be 999.99 kg. (kg or lb, this can be switched). My maximum shipping weight is 50 kg, in my product description I put in 0.8 or 1.5 (kg)
  5. Hi,

    Could you provide me the link to your website to see how does it happen please ?

    Thank you. :smile:


    PS: You could find the only dowload product I offer from this link : https://www.infinitydream.com/xecuter-sx-os-n-switch-p-1449.html

    1. milerwan


      It's ok in my payment module I have this that block the script in case of virtual product :


            // disable the module if the order only contains virtual products
            if ( ($this->enabled == true) && ($order->content_type == 'virtual') ) {
              $this->enabled = false;


  6. No idea what is wrong. In my shop, customers can buy from all countries and can pay with every payment method. It worked alright from the beginning. If the payment module instantly switches the order status to 'money received' they get the download link automatically on the checkout_success page, if not - like bank transfer - the status is 'pending', and download is disabled. I manually have to set it on 'money received' when I get the money. In the downloads config menu, I have downloads and redirect to true, 7 days, 5 trials.
  7. You can enable/disable download access for each status of the order, or did I get you wrong?
  8. Not sure if I understand your question. Where the virtual products are specified as virtual? Maybe just when they have a download file linked to them under products attributes!? In the Filename field..
  9. inra311

    Module Header Tags > Category SEO help please

    This is how it looks here (do not care about some entries being displayed in German)
  10. inra311

    Module Header Tags > Category SEO help please

    I see the problem: your category description and seo category description are both set to int(11) (=integer). It will only accept digits but not text. Try if it saves a description like 1234 instead of text. There was something wrong at installation with this database table, it must be 'text' with the correct character set for your language (latin1_swedish_ci it seems)
  11. I tried that addon but it does not work. I fixed two DIR_WS_INCLUDES but still get lots of fatal errors, with fseek(), fopen(), fread(), ftell()... maybe it does not like PHP 7.1?? I think the law requires two independent verifactions for the VAT rate, like IP and shipping address.. I'd wish those who make such laws had to offer solutions as well
  12. And with GDPR we need another MATC checkbox before sending out the IP to be externally checked, right? First thing the visitor of our shop has to do!? When buying at least the tax rate is based on the shipping address, right? And what about virtual products, any customer just needs to enter a non-EU address and he does not pay any tax at all, I am afraid...
  13. inra311


    Works fine now !
  14. Cool, I was not aware of such an addon (luckily there are so MANY :) ) , and already modular as a header tag module, and only one line to add in functions/general :) Will try it soon, thanks for the hint
  15. inra311


    I checked again and this time I made 100% sure I have only original files. The problem is still there! (Tested with Firefox and Microsoft Edge) I guess you missed it because of this: There seem to be (at least) two different 'error levels'. With just a 'minor' mistake the page 'reloads' like in the screenshot, with a popup note. No problem in this case, the MATC behaves correctly: Sometimes however the page reloads with a WARNING ON TOP (like password errors? or multiple errors? repeated errors? not sure why and when this is in contrast to the first error type): In this case the MATC button seems to be 'offset' with the checkbox (which is checked but no button): Unchecking will show the button now, 'Continue' will result in a MATC error: "you need to agree with the T & Cs.."