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  1. VAT is calculated wrong

    Oops, sorry, my mistake, all is correct. I did a mistake in my calculation :(
  2. VAT is calculated wrong

    I had to start with a new installation of OSC earlier this year, and I went for the BS edge aka community edition. I did not notive before, but for some reason the amount of VAT (19% for most products) that is displayed in the order (and on the invoice) is wrong. The 'VAT on shipping option' is enabled. All prices are correct, it is just the included VAT (which has to be displayed on the invoice separately here in the EU) The shop does not sum up the VAT of the products plus of the shipping as required but displays a value that is too low, exactly by the factor 0.84 (= 1 / 1.19 ). In other words , it seems the shop calculates the VAT correctly at first but then handles the result just like a gross value and transforms it into a net value (thus dividing by 1.19) which is of cause wrong. In which file is this done, what do I have to change? I find it strange if I am the only one with this problem as I am not aware that I have edited anything that might be ralated to the VAT calculation.
  3. In February this year I was forced to start with a completely new install of OSC to make my previous installation run with PHP 5.6. I installed the responsive master on February 12. I tried to avoid core file changes and went for modular contributions where possible but this was not always possible. At least 50% of the required contribution add-ons still required some core file changes.:( Now I want to update to the latest version to get my shop running under PHP7. In addition to all the minor commits that just modified a few files, there have been two 'major' commits with 279 modified files (from February 26, and - almost the same with 277 files (!!??) again - from May 11, both by BrockleyJohn. What would be the best way to add these? Unfortunately I can't find a way to download only the files from github that have been modified since my initial installation on February 12. Then I would have overwritten all my files from that initial date and would have manually taken care of all files with a later date (= those I had to modify). In the latest master.zip all files have an identical date August 30, so no chance to get only the files I need from that one, either. Maybe there is a simple solution I just don't see - I admit I am not too much into all options at github. Thanks for help.
  4. OSC emails to gmail accounts are lost

    I finally got it resolved: I first found this in the history of the addon from the thread you linked to: Safe mode is ON on my shared host, I tried to disable it with a php.ini but this did not work. I then found that safe mode is deprecated and might be ignored by PHP meanwhile, so I tried the code change anyway. This had the effect that in fact the return path was the same as the from address (however, only with sendmail, not with SMTP). I then sent a mail to the test customer that I created with my son's gmail address, and for the first time the mail did not simply disappear but bounced! From the error message I then found that the email address had in fact a mistake (oh stupid me!!!, my sons's name with his birthday but it must be without the month... I looked at this a dozen times before... how stupid) I did not hear from my 'real' customer with gmail who complained that he did not receive my OSC emails. Possibly he in fact has an issue, or it is in his spam folder, or something. I can conclude now: - I never got bounced mails in case of mistakes as the return path is not set in OSC. This can (and should!?) be fixed. - Safe mode on the server is not required for this fix. - it only works with sendmail in OSC, not with SMTP (but I guess there is a quick and similar fix for SMTP) Thank you very much for your help. Your advise to look at the return path was the right hint. I must say that it makes me feel much safer to know that now I get a bounced mail and do not have to wonder if a customer gets my mails or not.
  5. OSC emails to gmail accounts are lost

    I implemented the return path but this does not change anything: the return path in the email still says postmasterxxxxxx... instead of shop@mydomain.com In the email sent via the shop email account from Thunderbird, the one that arrives at the gmail account, return path and from email are identical! I guess this might in fact be the culprit but no idea how to force it to the right return path??
  6. OSC emails to gmail accounts are lost

    Well, I find: Under catalog/includes/functions/general.php file find the function tep_mail and scroll down until you find the line that reads: $message->send($to_name, $to_email_address, $from_email_name, $from_email_address, $email_subject); and change it to read $message->send($to_name, $to_email_address, $from_email_name, $from_email_address, $email_subject,'Return-Path: <' . $from_email_address . '>'); Do the same thing in the catalog/admin/includes/functions/general.php file. Will try this...
  7. OSC emails to gmail accounts are lost

    Thanks for your answer, Dan. When I examine a mail from my shop that was successfully sent to myself, I see: X-Envelope-From: <postmasterxxxxxx@[member=Post].webmailer.de>X-Envelope-To: <XXX receiver's email addressXXX>X-Delivery-Time: xxxX-UID: xxxReturn-Path: <postmasterxxxxx@[member=Post].webmailerXXX>Authentication-Results: xxxto.com 1; spf=none smtp.mailfrom="postmasterxxxxx@[member=Post].webmailerXXX"; dkim=none; domainkeys=none; dkim-adsp=none header.from="myshop@mydomain.com" Seems like the return path does not match the from email, right? So you suggest that some ISP reject emails where these do not match? Sounds logical... ehem, where do I specify the return path for OSC mails??
  8. Generally sending emails from OSC 2.3.4 BS Edge (e.g. order confirmations, or from the send email option in the admin, from tell a friend,..) works fine here with most receivers. However, it seems that it does not work when the receiver has a gmail account (verified for two customers at least but problems with certain other mail providers might be possible, too) . There is no error message (at least nothing that I can see, the shop is on a shared host) , no bounced mail, OSC says it was sent but it never arrives, neither in the customer's mail folder nor in his spam folder. Just diappearing. I have tried both sendmail and SMTP which did not change anything. Emails sent from Thunderbird with the shop email address arrive without any problems! I also tried to change the shop email address but this did not help. I have no idea why this is. Would you rather think this . .. is because I am on some blacklist at google (I am not aware of being hacked or that spam was sent from my shop) .. is a problem with mails being not authenticated. ..has to do with this hint from some old thread found here: 'its problem with your server as you need to setup the spf records in DNS' ??? In case of the second option, is there any easy to install addon that enables SMTP with authentication? I tried what was suggested somewhere: copying in two class files from a php mailer, and adding some code in the two email.php files of OSC but I could not get it running. Thanks for any help
  9. PayPal App v5.000

    I must say that now I am more confused than before. After reading the last posts of this thread - and the other thread that @@Mikepo links to - I understand that very soon (end of March!!) there will be an official v.2.4. What does this mean for me? A) Is this good news for me (the 2.3.4 BS Edge aka 'master' I finally got running at this point will seamless and easily merge into the next version 2.4) ... ... or B )... is it bad news for me (the terrible last three weeks with long nights to get all customer data from my broken old shop into the latest version, adding language file adaptions, changing code for so many details I need, installing all contributions I need, , some luckily modular, others not ... ) have been a waste of time and something similar is necessary again to update to v2.4 ..or.. C) ...I will not care about the official version as the community version is and will be the way to go (it will integrate all improvements and possible new features from the official version) ?? PS: >>If you do not want to wait Not that I could not wait, but with the latest Edge version paypal does not work (customer does not end on checkout_success but in an empty cart) so I was hoping the update of the Paypal app to 5.xx would take care of that, see above..
  10. PayPal App v5.000

    So I assume that the paypal 5.010 works for others just not for me!? Or am I the only onw with the latest master version using the new paypal app?? As my old OSC shop broke in February (v2.2 updated to a 2.3.1 'Frankenstore' version) I followed the advise from this forum and started with a fresh installation of the responsive 'master' version. So I am using the latest, recommended version, and Paypal is surely the most common payment method, something that must work. It came with the Paypal app 4.039 which one day told me to update to 5.00. I did but this did not work as the new version uses DIR_WS paths. There was no hint that it is not compatible with my version. I updated the paypal app as the master version did not make the customer land on checkout_success (later I found the mistake in line 818 of paypal_standard.php, it links to checkout_process.php instead of checkout_success.php) I use the 5.010 with the paypal_standard.php from the master version now (with line 818 corrected, see above). Or can anyone send me a corrected (FILENAME, DIR_WS,..) version of the paypal_standard.php of 5.010? The one I tried to correct myself sends double emails, one without an order id, and does not show a download link on checkout_succes
  11. PayPal App v5.000

    I see but it is already installed (and works fine with the other paypal_standard.php). Removing/reinstalling did not help either. I also noticed that with the latest paypal_standard.php sometimes the order id is missing in the confirmation email (both in the text and in the URL to the customer's account product page), or that sometimes there are two confirmation emails, one with the correct order no. and one without. I changed the FILENAME and DIR_WS_ expressions in the file to make it work with my version. What I did NOT change is the TABLE stuff. Is this required as well? What I mean is: Line from paypal_standard.php 5.010: db_query('delete from ' . TABLE_ORDERS . ' where orders_id = "' . (int)$or... The same line in the version that works here (from the latest gburton Master version): db_query('delete from orders where orders_id = "' . (int)$or..
  12. PayPal App v5.000

    Never heard of a downloads *module*... of course downloads are enabled in admin/configuration. And as said before, the download is still possible from the My account->my orders page, just not on the checkout_success.php And the download link comes back to checkout_success as soon as I use the older paypal_standard.php instead, nothing else changed than going back to this one.
  13. PayPal App v5.000

    The order status is alright (money received). The customer can also download from his account history, but not from the success page. As said, everything else seems to work as it should.
  14. PayPal App v5.000

    WIth this update and with paypal standard my test customer correctly lands on the checkout_success page but there is no download link in case of digital goods. I am using the 2.3.4 BS Edge so I had to rewrite the DIR_WS* and FILENAME stuff, maybe I made some mistake here? (besides the downlaod link problem it seems to work fine) I now use the paypal_standard.php from 5.01 which makes downloads work again. It seems it works with the 5.0.10.
  15. PHP 7

    A general question: I am using the latest 'Master' version (gburton responsive master) and wonder in how far it is supposed to run under PHP 7 or not? at this time At least, I switched to PHP 7.0 for a short test and was pleased to see that the shop, and also all my various wordpress websites, were still running, no white screens or error messages. I then went back to 5.6 as I could not afford intensive testing with the live shop at the moment. What do you think, what to expect? And should I rather try 7.0 sooner or better wait a while?