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    Looking For Testers: New PayPal App

    I have a nearly similar problem like @celexel. The App v. 5.0.18 ist working. OsC is 2.3.4. is also working perfect. The SSL-Test for cURL and "whatever" was successfull. The site itself dont has https. I 'm using "Login with Paypal" and "Payments Standard". All is fine. But I cant retrieve the balance from my PP-Acc. I can see the amount in the Sandbox. The log shows me: Request USER xxx PWD xxx SIGNATURE xxx VERSION 204 METHOD GetBalance RETURNALLCURRENCIES 1 Response TIMESTAMP 2017-07-17T13:33:01Z CORRELATIONID ee46b82e4d84 ACK Failure VERSION 204 BUILD 29297572 L_ERRORCODE0 10002 L_SHORTMESSAGE0 Security error L_LONGMESSAGE0 Security header is not valid L_SEVERITYCODE0 Error Has anybody suggestions, please?
  2. Hello, Ive installed this PWA-Module with the Bootstraped-gold version. It worked well - but only in english language. If I switched to german language and tried to purchase without account, I saw only a blank, white screen. After searching a while, I found a few typos in the file /includes/languages/german/checkout_pwa.php. There are 1 ";" and 1 "'" missing. Here ist the file: <?php /* $Id$ osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions http://www.oscommerce.com Copyright (c) 2015 osCommerce Released under the GNU General Public License */ define('NAVBAR_TITLE_1', 'Kasse'); define('NAVBAR_TITLE_2', 'Erfolg'); define('NAVBAR_TITLE_3', 'Rechnungs- und Versanddaten'); define('HEADING_TITLE', 'Ihre Personaldaten'); define('HEADING_TITLE_SUCCESS', 'Ihre Bestellung wurde übermittelt!'); define('TITLE_PLEASE_SELECT', 'Bitte wählen'); define('TEXT_ORIGIN_LOGIN', 'Wenn Sie bereits ein Kundenkonto besitzen, können Sie sich <a href="%s"><u>hier</u></a> anmelden.'); define('ITEMS', '<strong>Gekaufte Artikel</strong>'); define('TEXT_SUCCESS', 'Ihre Bestellung ist eingegangen und wird bearbeitet! Die Lieferung erfolgt innerhalb von ca. 2-3 Werktagen.'); define('TEXT_THANKS_FOR_SHOPPING', '<strong>Wir danken Ihnen für Ihren Online-Einkauf!</strong>'); define('TEXT_CONTACT_STORE_OWNER', 'Bei Fragen kontaktieren Sie uns bitte über unsere <a class="btn btn-info" role="button" href="%s">Kontakt-Seite</a>.'); After changing this it works perfect. Thank You a lot this this module!