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    Event Calender

    Hi guys, not sure if people are still looking at this or helping out, but I was wondering if anyone could halp me solve this problem. We have a client that runs holidays and tours, and I like the calendar idea and what not to help people to find dates easier for the breaks - BUT - is it possible to get the link straight from the calendar to the OSC link instead of going to an events page, then linking to the product. Basically, we already have all the tour information elsewhere on the site, and don't want to keep doubling up on info. By the time they get to the store element they already knoe everything, and simply need to book, so I'd like them to find dates via the calendar, click the link and be taken straight to the product page when they can read last minute info, then book the tour. Any ideas how to change the link in the calendar view, so it won't link to events_calendar.php but will instead simply link to the OSC product. Hope that makes sense. Thanks all.
  2. I have downloaded and installed the Stock Report mod but it does not handle stock reports for attributes attached to a product. Is there a contribution, or some hidden files from QTPro that allows us to generate a stock report based on the attributes of a product - eg... 01.? ?'Amatrice' Custom Tee -- 0 ----> Small: 0 ----> Medium: 0 ----> Large: 0 ----> Extra Large: 0 ?02.? ?'Carrera' Shorts -- 0 ----> Small: 0 ----> Medium: 0 ----> Large: 0 ----> Extra Large: 0 That kind of thing. I'm not looking for a way to change the stock levels from within the stock report - but like the current v1.1 stock report does, is simply link to the product - all I want to do is be able to list the product stock details for each attribute as associated with QTPro. It MUST be do-able, because that's how it works out stock anyway - am I right? Hmmm, maybe something to look into. Anyone know of anything or have any modded code? Thanks all. Craig :)