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  1. Horizontal Megamenu

    No, I want limit the row of the subcategories in madule option just like "products oer column"
  2. Horizontal Megamenu

    kymation , can you define an option to specify " Subcategory per Column "?
  3. Horizontal Megamenu

    tnx @kymation but it doesn't work in "sm" version It seems that no styles have been written about it
  4. Horizontal Megamenu

    I was update menu but does not show
  5. Horizontal Megamenu

  6. Hi Guys! I need to change "Newsletters Subscribers Manager" to footer content module. can you help me? http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8472 Thanks
  7. Hi! i need member approval but any version of this code does not work in 2.3.4BS, HELP!!! i want to update this : http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8523
  8. Hi Guys I Used products_model Field for "Product ID" But I Want change ID If I Select Products Attribute. Help! :-
  9. Hi Malcolm I Would Like Display To Right Column in 2.3.4 BS Version. Thanks alot
  10. Hi Guys I need to change this addone to madule box. can you help me? Thanks