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  1. movado

    2checkout not returning

    I have orders comming in and 2 checkout is not returning to my site. By this happening I do not know what orders have been place because the product is not being recorded. I had 2 checkouts database filled with my products and also the produts being passed to 2checkout are not being recorded by 2checkout. This is very fustrating.
  2. movado

    Moved site to root.

    Yes I cleard cache. I do have seo urls. I now have it producing correct urls in the xml. But still if you type in: http://www.njtoys-n-things.com/wood-block-play-c-36.html http://www.njtoys-n-things.com/catalog/woo...-play-c-36.html They both bring you to the page. How is this ? I'm stuggling with this one . Is there something to be cleared out of the database?
  3. After moving the site to root I cannot seem to get rid of the old urls. Even though the directory catalog doen't exist it still exists? I don't understand. Also my xml for the site map contribution still says /catalog/. Anyone know what to do?
  4. After moving the site to root I cannot seem to get rid of the old urls. Even though the directory catalog doen't exist it still exists? I don't understand. Also my xml for the site map contribution still says /catalog/. Anyone know what to do?
  5. I had no problems setting up this contribution but I have my own server running and do not have c-panel. I did however set up the crontab through my vi editor. How will I recieve an e-mail to send the info to google. or how will i send the info to google. I am new to alot of things so I don't undrstand alot of things.
  6. I do not have sts installed. I have the latest version installed I do have creloaded so not sure if something with that is interfering but according to install directions it should not be an issue. I don't know where to start trouble shooting this.
  7. I am very burnt trying to figure out how to make this contribution work. Its a very complicated contribution and trying to figure it out to make it work is truly a nightmare. I have everything installed and for the life of me cannot get it to resolve the url . It converts the url but I just get page not found. I have checked and rechecked all my steps. I have reinstalled and I get the same thing each time. I am sure my .htaccess is correct My site resides in /catalog so the htaccess reflects this. I have made sure my: define('HTTP_COOKIE_DOMAIN', '.njtoys-n-things.com'); and https is correct. I do not know what else is going on. I am really at a loss. This seems to be a wonderful contribution and just wish I could figure a way to make it work.
  8. I do not know how you can get rid of columns but you can get rid of the table data lines in your css file just get rid of the borders attribute. I could not get my Title links to turn on and off through the admin panel however to make the Title a link do the following change: <?php /* $Id: link_listing.php,v 1.00 2003/10/03 Exp $ osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions http://www.oscommerce.com Copyright ? 2003 osCommerce Released under the GNU General Public License */ class linkListingBox extends tableBox { function linkListingBox($contents) { $this->table_parameters = 'class="linkListing"'; $this->tableBox($contents, true); } } $listing_split = new splitPageResults($listing_sql, MAX_DISPLAY_SEARCH_RESULTS, 'l.links_id'); if ( ($listing_split->number_of_rows > 0) && ( (PREV_NEXT_BAR_LOCATION == '1') || (PREV_NEXT_BAR_LOCATION == '3') ) ) { ?> <table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2"><TR> <TD width="100%"> </TD> </TR> <tr> <td class="main"><?php echo $listing_split->display_count(TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_LINKS); ?></td> <td class="main" align="right"><?php echo TEXT_RESULT_PAGE . ' ' . $listing_split->display_links(MAX_DISPLAY_PAGE_LINKS, tep_get_all_get_params(array('page', 'info', 'x', 'y'))); ?></td> </tr> </table> <?php } $list_box_contents = array(); for ($col=0, $n=sizeof($column_list); $col<$n; $col++) { switch ($column_list[$col]) { case 'LINK_LIST_TITLE': $lc_text = TABLE_HEADING_LINKS_TITLE; $lc_align = ''; break; case 'LINK_LIST_URL': $lc_text = TABLE_HEADING_LINKS_URL; $lc_align = ''; break; case 'LINK_LIST_IMAGE': $lc_text = TABLE_HEADING_LINKS_IMAGE; $lc_align = 'center'; break; case 'LINK_LIST_DESCRIPTION': $lc_text = TABLE_HEADING_LINKS_DESCRIPTION; $lc_align = 'center'; break; case 'LINK_LIST_COUNT': $lc_text = TABLE_HEADING_LINKS_COUNT; $lc_align = ''; break; } if ($column_list[$col] != 'LINK_LIST_IMAGE') { $lc_text = tep_create_sort_heading($HTTP_GET_VARS['sort'], $col+1, $lc_text); } $list_box_contents[0][] = array('align' => $lc_align, 'params' => 'class="linkListing-heading"', 'text' => ' ' . $lc_text . ' '); } if ($listing_split->number_of_rows > 0) { $rows = 0; $listing_query = tep_db_query($listing_split->sql_query); while ($listing = tep_db_fetch_array($listing_query)) { $rows++; if (($rows/2) == floor($rows/2)) { $list_box_contents[] = array('params' => 'class="linkListing-even"'); } else { $list_box_contents[] = array('params' => 'class="linkListing-odd"'); } $cur_row = sizeof($list_box_contents) - 1; for ($col=0, $n=sizeof($column_list); $col<$n; $col++) { $lc_align = ''; switch ($column_list[$col]) { case 'LINK_LIST_TITLE': $lc_align = ''; /* MAKE CHANGE HERE FOR TITLE TO BE A LINK */ $lc_text ='<a href="' . tep_get_links_url($listing['links_id']) . '" target="_blank">' . $listing['links_title'] . '</a>'; break; case 'LINK_LIST_URL': $lc_align = ''; $lc_text = '<a href="' . tep_get_links_url($listing['links_id']) . '" target="_blank">' . $listing['links_url'] . '</a>'; break; case 'LINK_LIST_DESCRIPTION': $lc_align = ''; $lc_text = $listing['links_description']; break; case 'LINK_LIST_IMAGE': $lc_align = 'center'; if (tep_not_null($listing['links_image_url'])) { $lc_text = '<a href="' . tep_get_links_url($listing['links_id']) . '" target="_blank">' . tep_links_image($listing['links_image_url'], $listing['links_title'], LINKS_IMAGE_WIDTH, LINKS_IMAGE_HEIGHT) . '</a>'; } else { $lc_text = '<a href="' . tep_get_links_url($listing['links_id']) . '" target="_blank">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'pixel_trans.gif', $listing['links_title'], LINKS_IMAGE_WIDTH, LINKS_IMAGE_HEIGHT, 'style="border: 3px double black"') . '</a>'; } break; case 'LINK_LIST_COUNT': $lc_align = ''; $lc_text = $listing['links_clicked']; break; } $list_box_contents[$cur_row][] = array('align' => $lc_align, 'params' => 'class="linkListing-data"', 'text' => $lc_text); } } new linkListingBox($list_box_contents); } else { $list_box_contents = array(); $list_box_contents[0] = array('params' => 'class="linkListing-odd"'); $list_box_contents[0][] = array('params' => 'class="linkListing-data"', 'text' => TEXT_NO_LINKS); new linkListingBox($list_box_contents); } if ( ($listing_split->number_of_rows > 0) && ((PREV_NEXT_BAR_LOCATION == '2') || (PREV_NEXT_BAR_LOCATION == '3')) ) { ?> <table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2"> <tr> <td class="main"><?php echo $listing_split->display_count(TEXT_DISPLAY_NUMBER_OF_LINKS); ?></td> <td class="main" align="right"><?php echo TEXT_RESULT_PAGE . ' ' . $listing_split->display_links(MAX_DISPLAY_PAGE_LINKS, tep_get_all_get_params(array('page', 'info', 'x', 'y'))); ?></td> </tr> </table> <?php } ?>
  9. I'm not sure how to change the look yet but if you want to have the title as a link there are two things you can do. One you could permenantly make it a link by going into link_listing.php and looking for case"LINK_LIST_TITLE' and changing: $1c_text = $listing['links_title']; to: $1c_text = '<a href="' . tep_get_links_url($listing['links_id']) . '" target=_blank">' .$listing['links_title']. '</a>'; OR you can add an option to turn it on and off by adding this to the configuration table of your database: FIRST BACK UP YOUR DATABASE! INSERT INTO configuration (configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, set_function, date_added) VALUES ('Display Link Title as links', 'TITLES_AS_LINKS', 'False', 'Make the links title a link.', '" . $configuration_group_id . "', '8', 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'True\', \'False\'), ', now()) then you will need to find that entry by selecting your database on the left, then selecting the configuration table from the left list, then the browse tab up top, then search by page in the dropdown to find the entry you just made. Once you find it you need to make sure the configuration_group_id is correct. You can check the configuration group ID by goin to left and selecting configuration_group selecting the browse tab up top and looking for LINKS under configure_group_title then taking note of the number in the configure_group_id. then look for in includes/modules/links.php: switch ($column_list[$col]) { case 'LINK_LIST_TITLE': $lc_align = ''; $lc_text = $listing['links_title']; break; CHANGE TO: switch ($column_list[$col]) { case 'LINK_LIST_TITLE': $lc_align = ''; if (LINKS_TITLES_AS_LINKS == 'True') $lc_text = $listing['links_title']; else $lc_text = '<a href="' . tep_get_links_url($listing['links_id']) . '" target="_blank">' . $listing['links_title'] . '</a>'; break; If there is an easier way without disturbung any design to your site or database data in effect please someone post a better way.
  10. Ok I have figured things ou an gotton the search on categories and the other pages. I am using creloaded and a template that I purchaced so things are a tad screwy. If anyone need an explaination just say so. I have not finished all of the upgrades but when i do I'll compile a list of what I did and post it.
  11. Ok i have checked again. GRRRRR I do not see the change made for the link search to be on each categorie page. I would assume in that file there would be the search function towards the end. I see No changes though. I don't get it? How do I get the search on all the category pages? I see where there is the submit link button for the category pages but nothing after that that would make the search form appear. I've dowloaded and opened the file a few times and do not see the change?
  12. links search is not and addable file for that upgrade and it does not exsits yet. Ok this is just a jumbled nightmare! I will just start with adding a search to each link page. I would assume that the catalos/links.php would be the file for that as you said. I just did a text comaprison and did not see what was changed for that. I am getting brain burned trying to figure all this out so I probably need to step away and come back.
  13. ok I have begun to update I have gotten as far as 1.03 I did not do the '1.02 spanish pack' or '1.04 the drop down list' Getting to 1.05 Added Search function to each link page Added Sort function to display in admin Added Categories button to reach link categories page from the individual link pages What exact files were effected with this upgrade. I have some design issues and cannot just be replacing files ot things will not work. Sifting through every files line of code is very daunting. If I just knew what the changes were I'd add those changes.
  14. Toys & Things Links Page ok I'm lost again. I started to update and I get to $categories_count_query = tep_db_query("select link_categories_id from " . TABLE_LINKS_TO_LINK_CATEGORIES . " where link_categories_id = " . $categories['link_categories_id']); Which does not exist in that file also note I am using links.tpl.php which should not matter ? all the other updates I made were ok Where do I start to fix this? and my links page does not work anymore Parse error: parse error in /var/www/html/catalog/includes/modules/link_listing.php on line 106