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  1. HVACMan

    Can't configure PayPal due to TSL v1.2 error

    I got the same complain from the paypal app in the General / COnnection test. but, my server is V1.2 that is fine, the direct payment does not go, the paypal express works. what did I do wrong? can any one give me a hint how to fix this problem? answer is appreciated. John
  2. HVACMan

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    I guess I am the earliest to post on the newest version of the Seo Urls 5 I thank FWR Media for puttng this up and directions for how to install. The author give a list of files that need to be "modified" but no way to know what part need to be modified to what. May be I am too new to post this message. any one there has any clue? also they talked about file compare, If I do a fresh install, nothing is changed, what the compare is for? any answer is appreciated. Thanks. JohnM