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    bruyndoncx reacted to piernas in Shipping table is now a real table :)   
    Today I decided I got angry for the last time updating a table rate based module. Afer several tryouts to change the shipping rates just to see I had a typo in the values string  -damned colons- and having to manually calculate the net prices for each row from the gross that came from the table provided by the courier... I had enough and modified the table rate module to show a real table where you can see what you're doing. Uses some javascript to update net/gross, add or remove rows and do some basic checks.
    It can be adapted to any other module that uses the same system.
    Note: The net pice is caclulated based on the tax class from the module. It will apply only to the countries in the module's zone and it's not savet to database but calculated on the fly. For this column to work you need to set up the tax rate first, save and enter the module configuration again.
    Here is the file: https://apps.oscommerce.com/wyYLv&sgipping-table-module-update
    @burt you can replace the stock one if you consider it fits the community project.

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    bruyndoncx reacted to kymation in Horizontal Megamenu   
    This Addon adds a horizontal menu bar in the header of every store page. This menu bar contains the names of each of your top-level categories. When a customer clicks on a category name, a Megamenu expands below the menu bar. This Megamenu contains a category image and name for each of the top-level category's subcategories, or the top-level category image and name and a list of links to the products in that category if there are no subcategories.
    The Addon code is available here.

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    bruyndoncx reacted to 14steve14 in Who in the EU has heard of GDPR and will it affect you   
    I took part in my webinar on Friday and here are some of the main points that were raised. Apart from what has already been mentioned by some, the main points worthy of getting a mention here are:-
    1. You need to keep info about when someone gives consent. Things like the date will suffice, so that if questioned you can show when the consent was given.
    2. Apart from usual personal data that everyone considered, there is also things like forum nicknames, facebook and twitter names, which are all considered personal identifiable data.
    3. Have to remove data when asked and can no longer charge to give customer all their info when asked under subject data requests. Days given to produce this information have also beed reduced.
    4. The most surprising one, and the one that may be the hardest to sort out. Any personal identifying data already collected also has to comply.
    5. There was some suggestion that some sites are already using tooltip type features when customers fill out any identity data on web forms. So when filling out say the email address on the account creation page, a tooltip pops us and explains why the information is needed.
    6. A rewrite of most terms and conditions, privacy policies and cookie policies are needed to account for the new rules and regulations.
    7. Agreement to terms and conditions, and also privacy policy should be given somewhere on the site most suggested when creating an account. If you use a guest checkout you need to do similar.
    8. You also have to let people know what information you will keep even if asked to remove all data as some has to be kept for legal reasons like tax, accounting and VAT, but once the time limit is up on these you must delete the data. So deleting something like invoice or VAT records after 6 years if you had been asked to delete all personal data for a customer.
    9. Should you find out about a data breach not only do you have to inform the ICO, you also have to inform all of your customers whose data you are keeping. Some large UK companies have already been find in accordance to older legislation after a data breach because they had not immediately informed their customers whose data was affected. Those fines will be increased in the future.
    Most of this has been in British law for a while now, but everyone has until 25th May to fully comply.
    There are loads of good videos on youtube to watch if people want to.
    This apparently is only the beginning of a set of major changes that will take place over the next year or so, but some may be changed due to Brexit. Its being done to bring the same features, rules and regulation to all EU countries and anyone that collects any data about any EU citizen.
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    bruyndoncx got a reaction from frankl in [Contribution] Products Specifications   
    To list specifications by specifications group, you don't need a group by statement as you are not performing any aggregate functions for the particular group.
    You just need to add the specification group name (or sort order if you have any) to the order by clause (and make sure the table is joined in the whole construction)
    Then when outputting results, just show the specification group name if it is different from the previous one for the spec/value combo.
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    bruyndoncx got a reaction from frankl in [Contribution] Products Specifications   
    for the colors you have to set the filter type to for instance exact
    for the prices, you define brackets eg 5, 10, 20
    the range is shown automatically
    products price is a database field,
    These are my settings Column Name: final_price Filter Class: range Display the Filter as: links Filter Show All: True Enter Specification Values as: text
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    bruyndoncx got a reaction from mattjt83 in html5 input types   
    this triggers the appropriate mobile keyboard
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    bruyndoncx got a reaction from frankl in [Contribution] Products Specifications   
    Just a quick heads up for anyone trying to optimize seo wise and possibly saving some server load (as I am trying to)
    I'm adding the rel=nofollow to the generation of the links in the includes/functions/products_specifications.php file.
    I'm assuming google doesn't do any form submissions on my site
    and have added to robots.txt (-fc- is the string matching the url-rewrite for my products_filter.php file).

    Disallow: /*-fc-
    This way, it is keeping search engines out of the filter result pages, but the category and manufacturer listings are still available to the search engines.
    Should I want google to index specific pages, I believe I can still write-out the native format of the url with products_filter.php in the url and not the rewritten version, as I only added disallow to the robots.txt file for the rewritten url and not the actual filename.
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    bruyndoncx got a reaction from frankl in [Contribution] Products Specifications   
    it looks like it is very easy, at least on my site it seems to work fine
    In catalog/includes/modules/products_specifications.php
    find at the top of the file

    $specifications_query_raw = "select ps.specification,
    replace with

    $specifications_query_raw = "select group_concat(ps.specification) as specification,
    find a little further down in the same sql query:

    order by s.specification_sort_order, sd.specification_name
    add this group by line, just above it:

    group by sd.specification_name
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    bruyndoncx reacted to Tsimi in Slim Checkout for BS   
    Well done!
    We appreciate all the hard work you put into your addons and projects but please do me a favor and don't work too much/hard. In the past I/we  have lost 2 very good friends from this forum and the last thing I remember was, they were working hard on some addons/projects and it could have been just mere coincidence or just fact that they overworked themselfs till their body gave up. You maintain multiple addons, you work with me on the Point and Rewards module, Sloppy words cleaner and, and, and....
    Long story short, watch your health and take enough rest so that we will be able to enjoy you and your work for many years to come.
    That goes for all of you out there. osC is nice and all but it won't bring you anything if you work yourself to death.
    Now back to work....
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    bruyndoncx reacted to John W in Server Error on multiple Add-Ons   
    After years of dealing with having to change permissions on newly uploaded files from 664 to lower (I use  600 on php) I finally found how to change the umask for sftp on my server.  Apparently, this is how Cpanel is set up because it's discussed in their forums.  Someone posted the solution for SFTP in the SSHD config.  I still have to change the php file permissions, but at least folders are automatically set at 755 and files at 644.  I believe CPanel will be changing the default when using suPHP. 
    Using Beyond Compare to connet to the server I can easily set the file mask to only show php files then sort by permissions, so it's easy to find files and folders with too loose of permissions.
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    bruyndoncx reacted to Dan Cole in [Addon} Modular Front Page   
    Personally I think the only reason this is a question is because of the number of releases and various versions of osC that exist....if we had an up to date official release, the user base would be using relatively common code and coders would, by demand, end up updating their code to work with it.  The support on the forums here would be much simpler too. 
    As Jim points out having coders revise or even keep up with changes between releases isn't likely to happen for the reasons he mentions. 
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    bruyndoncx reacted to auzStar in [Addon] "Index Nested - Product Listing" for osC 2.3.4 (bootstrap)   
    Support Thread for "Index Nested - Product Listing" for osCommerce 2.3.4 (bootstrap)
    Report problems here.
    Feedback and comments appreciated.
    Download link:
    Easy module install.
    (minor core change required using hooks)
    This module applies to categories containing sub-categories (i.e. index -> nested), where currently only the sub-Category Listing and New Products module appear. Use this module when you would also like to list all-at-once the products within the sub-categories of the current category, therefore becoming a nested product listing (default behaviour is that no product listing appears in nested categories).
    Demo (scroll down to see nested product listing):
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    bruyndoncx got a reaction from ArtcoInc in Search add-on Reviews   
    so if you modualarize the (advanced)search page, you can plugin whatever you want searched ?
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    bruyndoncx got a reaction from ArtcoInc in Search add-on Reviews   
    so if you modualarize the (advanced)search page, you can plugin whatever you want searched ?
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    bruyndoncx got a reaction from ArtcoInc in Search add-on Reviews   
    so if you modualarize the (advanced)search page, you can plugin whatever you want searched ?
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    bruyndoncx got a reaction from bibleman in Adds tax to total without even being logged in.   
    Sorry, can't help here , everything in our store is shown with tax always ...
    (we only sell online to consumers within the EU, so it is all with sales tax)
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    bruyndoncx reacted to ArtcoInc in Search add-on Reviews   
    Search add-on Reviews

    While working on a new store, I've been exploring the different Search add-ons available. I hope that others may find this useful.
    I looked at four different Search add-ons:

    A) Store Search (BS)

    B) SiteSearch Plus v1.4

    C) SmartSuggest - Self-learning Ajax Search Suggestion    v1.0.3

    D) Twitter Typeahead Autocomplete Search v1.6

    All of these have support pages on the forum.

    I installed these individually on a clean installation of osCommerce v2.3.4bs - Edge. The tests were run on the stock database. For comparison, I used the search phrase 'mic' in each of the tests.

    All of these either enhance the stock Search box in the header, or replace it. If replaced, the new Search box can have the bootstrap column width adjusted in Admin, just like the stock one.

                                                                               |      A      |         B        |        C       |      D      | 
    Requires core file edits                                       |     No     |      Yes *      |     Yes      |     No     |
    # of hits searching for 'mic'                                 |     6 *      |        3         |      3 *       |      5      |
    (using as-installed default settings)                    |               |                   |                  |              |
    When clicking on a result, are you sent to the    | Product  | Advanced  | Advanced | Product |
    Product page, or to Advanced Search Results   |               |req. 2 clicks|                  |              |
    Shows Product Image in Search Results            |     No      |       No        |      Yes      |    Yes    |
    Shows Product Description in Search Results    |     No      |       No        |       No      |    Yes    |
    Can select what pages to include in Search       |    Yes     |        No       |        No      |    No     |
    Records Searched for Words                             |     No      |       No        |      Yes      |    No     |
    Emails Store Owner if Search Not Found           |      No     |       Yes       |       No      |     No    |
    Pretty ranking (1=best) (in my opinion)              |       3      |         4         |        2       |      1      |

    Comments and thoughts:

    A) Store Search (BS)

    Plug and Play. Highly configurable. I like the 'Search Results Highlight' feature. Changing the configuration can alter the number of search hits. Using the 'out of the box' configuration, this gave the most number of search hits:

    1 category
    3 products
    2 'other' pages

    If you want your Search to be able to include searching pages other than just products, this is the one.


    B) SiteSearch Plus

    If your server has PHP in strict mode, there are additional edits needed in a file. This is mentioned on the support thread, but is not included in the downloaded package.

    This is the only package that has the email option.


    C) SmartSuggest - Self-learning Ajax Search Suggestion

    This is the only package that records the Searched for words. Personally, I find this feature very useful.

    Changing the configuration can alter the number of search hits.


    D) Twitter Typeahead Autocomplete Search

    Plug and Play. This is clearly the prettiest of the add-ons. There are *many* options one can adjust and configure. Using the 'out of the box' configuration, this gave the second highest number of search hits.


    Final thoughts:
    I like the search functions that allow the user to go directly to the product or page, without having to make a detour through Advanced_Search_Results.
    If I could pick-and-choose features, I'd start with D, add the ability to select the searched pages from A, and the recording of the searched for words in C

    Your results may vary. Only you can decide what is important for your shop.


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    bruyndoncx reacted to raiwa in [Contribution] Recently Viewed Products(sales optimized)   
    The module in product info is not a ht (header tag) module. It is a content module. Header tag modules are in includes/modules/header_tags/.
    Both are needed.
    See instructions:
    A.  Admin > Modules > Header Tags:
        Install Module: Recently Viewed
    NOTE: Installation of this Header Tags Module is required to register the visited products.
          The other 3 modules will not work without it.

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    bruyndoncx reacted to kymation in Paypal App install fails on modified osCommerce 2.3.4   
    Found it. A change to the compatibility functions caused the copy from the $_GET array to the old $HTTP_GET_VARS to not work reliably. Some of the variables were getting set and others not. The solution was to change all of the variable names in the Paypal App to the modern versions.
    I don't understand why we are keeping these deprecated forms. The short form superglobals have been around since PHP 4.1. It's long past time to let go of the long variable names.
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    bruyndoncx reacted to raiwa in Modular Shopping Cart   
    Modular Shopping Cart BS
    Version 1.0
    Developer Team:
    Dan Cole - @@Dan Cole
    James Keebaugh - @@kymation
    Lambros - @@Tsimi
    Rainer Schmied - @raiwa

    Steve Kleiner - @@altoid
    Juanma - @@piernas

    Suggestions - Survey:
    Gary Burton - @@burt

    This is a modular re-design of the existing shopping cart that is used in the responsive version of osCommerce.
    It replaces the existing shopping cart with content modules so that you can control the order and placement of the various components that appear on the shopping cart page.

    The modular design will allow you to easily add and set up additional modules that have and will be developed by the community.  
    Current modules that are available include the ship in cart estimator, discount coupon codes and an X-sell module.  

    In time additional product listing formats and other enhancements are expected.

    Included Modules:
    - Product Listing
    - Order SubTotal
    - Checkout
    - Alternative Checkout
    - Out of Stock Notice
    - Empty Cart Message

    English, Spanish and German language files included.

    OsCommerce 2.3.4 Bootstrap

    PHP 7.0 tested
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    bruyndoncx reacted to piernas in [Addon] Horizontal CSS menu for admin 2.3.4 and BS   
    This module installs an horizontal CSS menu for the admin side.
    It also disables the standard stock left menu and adds the correct descriptive title to the page, so you can find the tab you're searching for in your browser.

    I made this menu because we use tablets for preparing orders on a daily basis, and even cell phones when we are out of the warehouse, and we have to continuously zoom in/out because the screen does not fit well. Now without the side menu there's a lot more room for small screen devices.

    Tested on 2.3.4 responsive but should work with standard version.
    Link: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9463
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    bruyndoncx reacted to auzStar in [Addon] Ajax Product Listing for osC 2.3.4 bootstrap   
    Support thread for "Ajax Product Listing (bootstrap)".
    Report problems here.
    Feedback and comments welcome.
    Download link:
    This add-on enables faster loading of product listing content, without re-loading the whole website, when using either the manufacturer/category filter drop down list, next/prev page and sort order.
    Useful, especially if you have other content above the product listings, where the current vertical scroll position is kept on the page when using the filter drop down list, next/prev page and sort order. For example, you may have "Category New Products Carousel" or "Category Popular Products Carousel" above category product listing content.
    Works for product listings on the following pages:
    - Category Product Pages
    - Specials Page
    - New Products Page
    - Search Results Page
    Note: content loaded via ajax is based on the stock osCommerce product listing content.
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    bruyndoncx reacted to 14steve14 in [Addon] Modular Product Page (Bootstrap)   
    You are one of only a few coders that have finally embraced the whole concept of the bootstrap version and are trying to reduce core code changes, and make the whole system modular. Congratulations, the work you are doing must be helping to move the BS version of oscommerce forward. Thank you for the great work.
    I have added both the modular product and index pages to my test store and they seem to work very well. Hopefully others will produce even more modules and ideas to enhance what is already available.
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    bruyndoncx reacted to kymation in [Addon] Modular Product Page (Bootstrap)   
    This addon is designed to make changes to the product pages of an osCommerce store easy and simple. It is particularly intended for new users of the software, but can be used by anybody.
    Elements in the center section of the page can be added, removed, and reordered from the Admin panel. There is only one core file to change; the rest is done from your Admin.
    The initial Addon contains all of the modules needed to replace the stock Product Info page. More modules are planned (I have an improved Reviews module already coded).
    The Addon is here.
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    bruyndoncx reacted to auzStar in [Addon] Modular Category Page for osC 2.3.4 bootstrap   
    Just thought I'd mention 2 additional modules designed to work with this add-on:
    Category New Products Carousel for osC 2.3.4 bootstrap
    Category Popular Products Carousel for osC 2.3.4 bootstrap