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    International SEO

    think i have done this as an extension to seo urls, gotta dig up some code ...
  2. bruyndoncx

    Are you ready for Brexit?

    i am guessing i started something, too bad i missed it 😛
  3. bruyndoncx

    Upgrade 2.3.4 to CE database SELECTIVELY.

    I have previously installed the CE version configuration table into it's own new table and left my existing config alone. Then I uploaded the files into a separate directory and started to see where things went wrong and how to move my config over to the CE version or what alter table statements were needed to get my products, categories etc in sync ... It is less risky to fix things like this one by one, rather than start all over ... It will take time and perseverence
  4. Hmmm ... another question for you guyst ... which features will help you sell more or more profitably and will allow you to sponsor some development to get your wishlist implemented ?
  5. bruyndoncx

    Horizontal Megamenu

    the sort order is missing from your configuration, probably you need to add the field into your product listing first for it to be available as sort option under mega menu.
  6. I'm addicted to Burts code. Whenever he puts something out in the dark winter days, I need to have it :D and I'm not even running the BS version. But since it is coded up nicely, I can also adapt it easily to my needs.
  7. bruyndoncx


    I really prefer a separate country and language selection like all big brands do nowadays
  8. I wondered if there are any and it made me smile :D

    1. MrPhil


      Matt Groening's (Life in Hell, The Simpsons, Futurama) favorite joke: "What do you call a monkey in a minefield? Baboom!"

    2. MrPhil


      I've got my laptop's webcam turned off, but just in case someone manages to bypass that and turn it on, I have it (and the microphone) covered with a piece of electrical tape! Me, paranoid? Who sent you?

    3. bruyndoncx


      Just because you are schisofrenic doesn't mean the world is not after you to get you ! :dry:

  9. @tgely ping me again in 3 months ... overwhelmed with work (store shutdown and warehouse move, another part time job with office move, and private house move ...) no time to tinker now.
  10. I attended local seminar about GDPR by our accounting firm and their security and audit department. Basically GDPR lays out common sense for security measures to protect the privacy of personall data of your customers. Plus you need to document who the consumer can contact for personal data (verification, correction or removal) Adres information that you keep with the orders in the accounts is not sensitive data. If you start to profile and keep track of the age of their kids and stuff then you can become in the grey area of things. If you have a doctors practice with medical records that is a big difference from an ecommerce operation. So you need to do common sense to ensure data theft is not possible (securing logins, pasword policy, no usb stick backups, servers behind lock). Make sure that (paper) processes are documented and paper records are destroyed so that private and sensitive personal data can not end up in the wrong hands. Also in a bigger setting with sensitive data, staff should only have access to the (sensitive) data that they need to know. Eg the janitor should not be able to access medical records to be blunt about it ... :D I personally think it is a good effort to raise the awareness, it is just peoples reaction is over the top if they don't understand the concept of sensitive data and overall risk mitigation. Edit: big caveat, if you sell personal data then you are in trouble :D
  11. how about spelling out the where clause with numerics without the year and adding the specific year end and year begin as extra where or where statements besides the typical date ranage ? (%c and %d) not using any year reference in the where clause. Sorry, I'm still pretty busy, might have some time tonight ...
  12. This contribution allows you to: * List products (alphabetically) for selected category displaying the special price and implied discount * Add a % discount to all products in selected category * Add, change or remove a special price for an individual product in the selected category It is multilangual, conforming to osCommerce TABLE conventions and only makes changes in the admin. This is an easy install, just a few files to edit and load of main php and language files. It is based on the specials admin contribution (206) Demo with screenshots included in the package
  13. bruyndoncx

    [Contribution] Admin Specials by Category

    I just have the specials page sorted by specials_id desc, so newly added show first ... would that work for you ?
  14. bruyndoncx

    html5 input types

    i did check some account file didnt see it, should have checkef better Good job @burt
  15. bruyndoncx

    html5 input types

    fyi https://mobiforge.com/design-development/html5-mobile-web-forms-and-input-types this triggers the appropriate mobile keyboard
  16. I have 1) an image resizer that creates resized images on the fly when the requested size does not exist. Might have been KISS I'm not 100% sure - there are different ones, but essentially you get original image123.jpg and image123-120px.jpg, image123-360px.jpg kinda thing 2) adaptive images script to generate smaller / lightweight versions where appropriate - especially usefull for HD images also taking retina displays into account http://www.adaptive-images.com/ I personally prefer the on-the-fly bit, makes it easy to make changes to image sizes without having to worry about generating all images in batch. I have been known to dump lots of images in directories, and use easypopulate to update the products_image field. A batch approach would need to be able to handle such a situation. You can not assume especially when building a new site that all images are uploaded one-by-one through an interface.
  17. bruyndoncx

    Handling asynchronous callbacks from Payment Gateway

    multisafepay creates the order first with an awaiting payment status and then updates to payment received and sends the order confirmation email
  18. bruyndoncx

    Please Review my Website

    think you still need to review yourself before asking for reviews
  19. noop you dont tep_db_fetch_array is needed even if you just return one field in one row, it is still an array needing parsing
  20. You are missing code to fetch the result array Googling tep_db_query has this nice tutorial on mysql, and the oscommerce equivalent code required http://www.oscommerce-template-easy.com/basic-php-mysql-tutorial-for-oscommerce/mysql-database-query.html HTH
  21. bruyndoncx

    Search add-on Reviews

    in mysql 5.6 you have the locate function with this as example, if you cannot order by immediately in the sql, you can wrap it in an extra sql clause and order in the outer clause SELECT pub_name,LOCATE('at',pub_name) FROM publisher WHERE locate('at',pub_name)>0;
  22. time is money, so the proper way for delivery time estimate is to quote it alongside the delivery cost. at least, that is the route i will be taking if I change my system ...
  23. edge is not tested yet with php 7, there is some info about it here on the forum. 5.6 i dont know the status exactly, i am on 5.5 without issues, and i think many more are ...