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  1. how about spelling out the where clause with numerics without the year and adding the specific year end and year begin as extra where or where statements besides the typical date ranage ? (%c and %d) not using any year reference in the where clause. Sorry, I'm still pretty busy, might have some time tonight ...
  2. Google Shopping for Clothing INTEGRATION

    a GTIN is an EAN and burt has code for that added in the responsive version if I remember well. Should not be too hard to find that piece of code and apply it to your 2.3.3 as the responsive bootstrap version has not really touched on the admin side of things.
  3. Admin to Bootstrap NO HTML changes

    I think this is an excellent compatibility fix. It modernizes the backend, allows you to integrate newer bootstrap styled pages, and gradually get rid of the old stuf - if and when time allows. I can see removing old stuff from the most frequently used pages, and not bother with the less frequently used pages and let jquery do it's magic.
  4. Clearance Price addon

    As for storewide discounts, I have a category discount setup on our shop. We are in clearance mode for the physical shop - I defined different % for the top level categories. Modified the product page to show the discounted price. Only drawback is that it is not shown on the listing, nor in the shopping cart. Not perfect, but workable till I have a products class implemented with all the pricing logic.
  5. Build a LAMP Stack for OSC

    forgot to mention, that RPI is just on the local network. It is an easy way for a unix environment where you have full control vs a cheap host.
  6. Build a LAMP Stack for OSC

    on the other hand, it is a great piece of info to show off what you can and are knowledgeable about. The kind of thing I like to do on a raspberry pi just for the fun of it :D
  7. [Contribution] Admin Specials by Category

    I just have the specials page sorted by specials_id desc, so newly added show first ... would that work for you ?
  8. Networking databases?

    I assume you have somekind of caching going for eg configuration and other static parts of your website so you don't hit the database that often ?
  9. html5 input types

    i did check some account file didnt see it, should have checkef better Good job @burt
  10. html5 input types

    fyi https://mobiforge.com/design-development/html5-mobile-web-forms-and-input-types this triggers the appropriate mobile keyboard
  11. I have 1) an image resizer that creates resized images on the fly when the requested size does not exist. Might have been KISS I'm not 100% sure - there are different ones, but essentially you get original image123.jpg and image123-120px.jpg, image123-360px.jpg kinda thing 2) adaptive images script to generate smaller / lightweight versions where appropriate - especially usefull for HD images also taking retina displays into account http://www.adaptive-images.com/ I personally prefer the on-the-fly bit, makes it easy to make changes to image sizes without having to worry about generating all images in batch. I have been known to dump lots of images in directories, and use easypopulate to update the products_image field. A batch approach would need to be able to handle such a situation. You can not assume especially when building a new site that all images are uploaded one-by-one through an interface.
  12. Batch update orders and print invoices

    As a FYI, i have added a field to the order table to keep track if the order has been printed or not.
  13. Batch update orders and print invoices

    I currently have batchprint_noPDF with tickboxes that allows for statuschange and another update-o-matic that takes a list of order ids, status update and comment to email to every order listed. For me it is not a problem as I print the order for orderpicking first, put them in order processing status - people just get the status update. At that time I don't know yet if there is a problem or not with the order, so I rather not add any message. The list of order ids in the update-matic is the same list I use to generate the shipping labels (for belgian and dutch posl), so the email basically says, shipping with xyz soon, and give tracking instructions for the specific carrier. And for DPD I have a nice csv upload that @burt provided that takes care of the emailing too
  14. Handling asynchronous callbacks from Payment Gateway

    multisafepay creates the order first with an awaiting payment status and then updates to payment received and sends the order confirmation email
  15. Surfalot CMS App Support

    sounds like the holy grail :)