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  1. noop you dont tep_db_fetch_array is needed even if you just return one field in one row, it is still an array needing parsing
  2. You are missing code to fetch the result array Googling tep_db_query has this nice tutorial on mysql, and the oscommerce equivalent code required HTH
  3. ? odoo ?
  4. got it, checked the 7.2 release notes posted on github
  5. isnt it a rfc request for comment ? not a certainty yet ?
  6. it all depends on the brand and if they make you sign a contract (and enforce it ) or not. generally pureplay is frowned upon, or limited in what ranges they are allowed to sell.
  7. hhhmm, i got a major flashback now to the sap ipc webinterface i worked on more than 10 years ago. It was quite a complex piece of software to ensure only valid combinations could be built online. there is a product configurator contribution for osCommerce but i think it is quite old and possibly not compatible with the latest BS version.
  8. To be honest, smells a lot like static attributes contribution, this thread has explanation on how to install
  9. it is the sales tax rate that is applied - think you are slightly confused with purchasing vs sellingprice
  10. i added db indices, tax classes, image resizing, configuration caching, seo with cache, homepage cache, removed unused function calls etc
  11. I currently allow checkout for all current out-of-stock products. I'd like to have a more granular approach because some items can be easily re-ordered, and others take a few weeks for delivery. In my case I would like to flag or have some kind of status code on the manufacturer. I was wondering if something like this exists already, anyone knows something like this or similar ? Thanks Carine
  12. i think you have mixed up versions. table and file names have been removed for some time now from the bootstrap version. edge is the (cutting)edge latest version, what you get from burts github
  13. in mysql 5.6 you have the locate function with this as example, if you cannot order by immediately in the sql, you can wrap it in an extra sql clause and order in the outer clause SELECT pub_name,LOCATE('at',pub_name) FROM publisher WHERE locate('at',pub_name)>0;
  14. if you have 300 of those, I'm guessing you are building your category tree and not using the category tree class to generate some kind of menu or display of categories on the home page ?