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  1. bruyndoncx

    International SEO

    think i have done this as an extension to seo urls, gotta dig up some code ...
  2. bruyndoncx

    Are you ready for Brexit?

    i am guessing i started something, too bad i missed it 😛
  3. bruyndoncx

    Display all products of subcategories in main category

    looks like you found it
  4. bruyndoncx

    Display all products of subcategories in main category

    yes you can, should be documented on here , basically you want the nested look like the products - i did on mine, but i am far ftom standard
  5. bruyndoncx

    Optimizing db query to speed up orders.php

    always use inner joins unles you really are in a situation that the joining table does not have matching records, it makes a bbiigg difference. For orders, they will have matching order total and status records, so no need to use an outer join.
  6. bruyndoncx

    Optimizing db query to speed up orders.php

    the left join can just be join i think, totals and status always being populated. perhaps updating statistics for the table might help and possible another index. I will have a look at my site to see how it is different from the differen stock versions ... Sorry guys but you are hammering too much ! this is a screw 😎
  7. bruyndoncx

    Speeding up your website load times.

    it just works from your full size images, creating the necessary images on the fly, but you do need to define which sizes you want. It was very easy for me to get it going, perhaps your colorbox now interferes with it ...
  8. bruyndoncx

    Speeding up your website load times.

    http://adaptive-images.com has minimal impact . it only needs addition of one javascript in the head. i think it fits with the modular BS approach. i have it running since ages ...
  9. bruyndoncx

    Upgrade 2.3.4 to CE database SELECTIVELY.

    I have previously installed the CE version configuration table into it's own new table and left my existing config alone. Then I uploaded the files into a separate directory and started to see where things went wrong and how to move my config over to the CE version or what alter table statements were needed to get my products, categories etc in sync ... It is less risky to fix things like this one by one, rather than start all over ... It will take time and perseverence
  10. Hmmm ... another question for you guyst ... which features will help you sell more or more profitably and will allow you to sponsor some development to get your wishlist implemented ?
  11. bruyndoncx

    Horizontal Megamenu

    the sort order is missing from your configuration, probably you need to add the field into your product listing first for it to be available as sort option under mega menu.
  12. I'm addicted to Burts code. Whenever he puts something out in the dark winter days, I need to have it :D and I'm not even running the BS version. But since it is coded up nicely, I can also adapt it easily to my needs.
  13. bruyndoncx


    I really prefer a separate country and language selection like all big brands do nowadays
  14. I wondered if there are any and it made me smile :D

    1. MrPhil


      Matt Groening's (Life in Hell, The Simpsons, Futurama) favorite joke: "What do you call a monkey in a minefield? Baboom!"

    2. MrPhil


      I've got my laptop's webcam turned off, but just in case someone manages to bypass that and turn it on, I have it (and the microphone) covered with a piece of electrical tape! Me, paranoid? Who sent you?

    3. bruyndoncx


      Just because you are schisofrenic doesn't mean the world is not after you to get you ! :dry:

  15. @tgely ping me again in 3 months ... overwhelmed with work (store shutdown and warehouse move, another part time job with office move, and private house move ...) no time to tinker now.