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  1. Excuse my idiocy, but where on the Admin side does it display this report? I've looked through all tabs and found nothing.
  2. Hello wonderful people of the osCommerce forums! My client would like a stock control system wherein he could look at all of the products on the website that are out of stock. I have not, so far, found any contribs for this at all, hence my post. By executing the following SQL query in PMA (SELECT * FROM `products` WHERE `products_quantity` = 0), I have managed to list the products that are out of stock. However, I would like a way to display this in the Administrative 'side' of osCommerce in some sort of simplistic layout. Any help whatsoever would be great! Thanks, J
  3. Ah sweet! I never saw this addon, thanks! I'll try it out a bit later!
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    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Ok, the way I could find around this was that my client provided smaller height images which fit the banner.
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    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Hi, Oops sorry, I'm using a banner rotator, not a scroller. There don't seem to be any options in the Admin settings to change the height http://puu.sh/g7I2k/22d4bf3048.png Thanks, Josh
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    [Addon} Modular Front Page

    Hi, I don't know if you're still kicking around on the forums, I hope so since I have a problem xD... I want to change the height of the scroller, so it will allow my images that I have designed with 420px height. Problem is, I have currently installed the slider, and it looks like this http://puu.sh/g6NEt/04cb3d5974.jpg Point being, the scroller isn't tall enough to allow for the full image to be displayed, resulting in it only showing a small segment of the image. I've tried changing the SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT in the fp_scroller.php file, but this does not change anything. Thanks, Josh