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  1. @@raiwa, Yes, additional images are found in that query, but this query doesn't read the field products_images, new field introduce by this contribution in products table ; you can read in the doc of this contrib (readme.html -> Features ) that : "... Less table (no need products_images table) ..." So i confirm that if i add a new product, with several images, additionnal images are saved in products table (field products_images), not in products_images table, so they are not display by this query in product_info.php ! (only main image). (Except additionnal image, all is working fine : cache, thumbnails,...). Can you confirm this (no need easypop for that) ? Regards, Oliv
  2. Thanks, Line 102 and 116 has been changed few day ago, work fine ; (my pb is that after update field products_images via easypopulate, i always see old images from TABLE_PRODUCTS_IMAGES when i go to product_info.php - main image is ok, but not other images for a product - problem can't be reproduce if you have only one image per product) In product_info.php, line 73 call to TABLE_PRODUCTS_IMAGES : $pi_query = tep_db_query("select image, htmlcontent from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_IMAGES . " where products_id = '" . (int)$product_info['products_id'] . "' order by sort_order"); earlier in this topic, Parikesit wrote a patch for correct this (about 28/09/2011) for OPI v2.0, but since the last version of oscommerce 234, product_info.php has changed and i don't know how to integrate this patch ! Am i right or wrong ? regards Oliv
  3. Hello everybody, All is working fine on v2.1 except a little problem with product_info.php (on osc234 fresh install) : images display in prodcut_info.php come from table products_images, not from table products->products_images ! Don't know how to update product_indo.php ! I'm not a coder, can someone help me ? Thanks in advance.