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  1. Did you successfully upgrade to 2.31? I am in the same predicment. Thanks.

  2. 211655


    How do i not show the subcategories. Mean only one level down. So if i have category and a top menu called books, i wanna show only ctageories in the books category, not the next tree structure... 2 level tree only
  3. This thing is killing me! I have sts 2.2 I have my tracker working just fine with brining in the data i need like how many visits now ecommerce has no data. obvisouly with sts, body tag of the checkout success are ignored. cant i try a small pixel image and have the onload command on that. please if someone has it working. please list the steps i need for google analytics to work with sts templates.
  4. 211655

    Country-State Selector

    I actually found a simpler solution. found the AJax state drop down. I customized it to show a box if state is not in the zone table. But just to say that the this state dropdown was the best solution. My sts is screwed up and i ended up using this ajax one.
  5. 211655

    Country-State Selector

    I actually want a simple solution. I want to show USA and all of its states by default. I wanna show only 2 digit codes. Now i want to have a other box. When they select other, a state text filed shows up and drop down dissapears. Then they can pick a different country.
  6. 211655

    Country-State Selector

    sorry new link http://harrisahmed.googlepages.com/spsp.gif
  7. 211655

    Country-State Selector

    link for error http://forum.mamboserver.com/attachment.ph...=1&d=1145908106
  8. 211655

    Country-State Selector

    This is a great contribution and great install directions. However i cant get it to work. I did what u suggested but it doesnt work. I get JS error. I am using sts template 2.1 now i added the js function up there but u if u see it has refresh_form(form_name) which is causing issue.
  9. 211655

    [Contribution] STS v4

    How do i upgrade form version 2.0 to 4.1?
  10. 211655

    Free Samples in Checkout?

    yes one way is that u can do so. but if u want to tie free samples to a specific product, then use a contribution called family products
  11. 211655

    Master Products - MS2

    Quick Fix to One slave associated to more than one Master: I know Matti is coming up with a newer version that will incorporate it. What i did. - Assign 2 products as master. (both share one accessory) - Choose the accessory and click Copy to > Duplicate item - Assign different master to both items now. - change one of them to not show. it will still show in accessory.
  12. 211655

    Master Products - MS2

    one more question: is is possible that when in shopping cart (after adding slave and master both) when i click on slave it takes me to slave product page not the master. also, i had family products installed before so i had to change the configuration id from 16 to 18. seems like when i choos ewhich info to show in configuration, it doesnt affect. note: people i just talked bat changing the id from 16 to 18 if you have family products. Hold on to that.
  13. 211655

    Master Products - MS2

    one more small tip. currently the default no. of the item in drop down is 0. so if customer click add to cart, nothing adds up. in my case i want to display slave products too so wanted them not to drop down and choose 1 or more quantities. default was set to one so if they click add to cart, one master product get added. if they want only slave, they go to slave. on line 191. <?php if ($product_info['products_price']>0) { $qty_array = array(); for ($i=0; $n2 = (($product_info['products_quantity'] < 20) ? $product_info['products_quantity'] : 20), $i <= $n2; $i++) { $qty_array[] = array('id' => $i, 'text' => $i); } ?> replace with <?php if ($product_info['products_price']>0) { $qty_array = array(); for ($i=1; $n2 = (($product_info['products_quantity'] < 20) ? $product_info['products_quantity'] : 20), $i <= $n2; $i++) { $qty_array[] = array('id' => $i, 'text' => $i); } ?>
  14. 211655

    Master Products - MS2

    People using Family products contribution and using sts will see a problem in the layout of the page. It will tend to push the page towards right and leave a blank table in middle. Fix: Get a copy of product info before u installed family products. PM me if u dont have it. Install the Master product first and name the product info to product_info2.php or so. see if that works. then manually add family products code and check. the problem is due to family products. one more issue. if u have installed family products, it gives you an ID of 16 in configuartion table. Similarly Master products does same. If you install either of them, make sure you have 16 available. (check in configuartion table), if it is there, then change the 16 to either 17 or 18 in your sql code before inserting. hope it helps. One more grace for Matti who helped some of the issues i had. Thank you Matti.
  15. 211655

    Master Products - MS2

    kind of a dumb question. how do i show more than one slave for one master. i mean for one master, can i have multiple slaves? i am trying to show some accessories for an item,