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  1. Hi George, I had two Onlineshops with 2 other Providers within the last 3 and a half years. But I just wasn't really happy with both of them. One didn't have the features I needed and the other one couldnt satisfy my needs regarding design and looks. Then I discovered the "minitemplatesystem" in december '14. Spontaniously I bought it and George contacted me the very same day and offered his help regarding the design and functions. He was able to implement all my requests. For every problem he was able to offer a solution. After more than 3 years I finally have an online store which really fits my needs in every aspect. It has all the functions I need and it totally matches my taste regarding design and looks. Also I can say, that George offers a first-rate customer service. He always answers my questions quickly and helps out when there's a problem. Thank you George, I appreciate your work and your help. Céline