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  1. Lowey81

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Thanks Jan. This is the part of the PHP files I have been editing but I must be going wrong somewhere - which 0 needs changing to 1 and in which files? I thought changing the code in product_listings would display the prices for group 1, but maybe there is some key file that controls group_id? Maybe I have just gone wrong editing the code. Any guidance you can offer would be appreciated. I understand that SPPC is so that you don't need different stores - but there is no other way to determine which price a guest sees. Previously we have used 'login to view price' which worked OK but we were asking members to sign in twice which was frustrating for them (logging in to the 'dropship' or 'wholesale' area via protected folders then being asked to sign in to the shopping cart). I suspect what I am trying to do could be done without SPPC by altering which column prices are drawn from for $products_price (i.e. RRP, Dropship, Wholesale) but thought this would be quicker. Out of interest which files and sections would need altering to change which column the price is drawn from? Is there just one variable needs defining or do you need to change all/most of the files altered in SPPC? Thanks for your help, I can see why you're appreciated so much on this forum!
  2. Lowey81

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    I have something I have been trying to solve but I have tried editing various sections of PHP in a number of different files to no avail. What I want is to edit the customer group ID assigned to guests. Why? Well, I want to have three sites sharing the same products tables for stock & description purposes. However the three sites (directories) will display 3 different prices - retail, dropship and wholesale. The default price is set as retail which is fine for guests visiting the retail site, however, it is proving confusing for some customers visiting the dropship and/or wholesale site because they are also shown the retail price by default. I presume there is a way to set the customer ID when not logged in? By default it is set to 0, is it possible to change it to '1'? I have tried setting some of the figures from 0 to 1 within various PHP files effected by SPPC but I can't seem to get different prices to display for guests. I was hoping somebody could point me in the right direction? Is it possible to change one variable? I no longer require the variable to be dynamically created from the customer database because I will be using a different folder/files for each pricing method so they can be set within the files themselves (i.e 0 , 1 , 2). The prices will remain the same for guests and logged in customers. However, the prices will be different depending on which directory/store they visit (drawn from the table products_groups). Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.
  3. Lowey81

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    My STS_OUTPUT seems to be called twice, certainly the $headcontent does anyway. I'm not too sure when the problem started but I noticed it when I added header tags. Upon checking the page source I noticed that all the meta tags are shown twice and so it some tracking codes (also in the header). Has anyone experienced this before and does anyone know how to fix it? Thank You
  4. Thanks for your reply. This is an existing problem from the original Header Tags contrib, how can I untick the boxes manually via the header_tags.php (language file?) ? If it helps, some tracking code I placed on my site has also appeared twice wihin the head area.
  5. I have installed everything OK but I appear to have two sets of TITLE, META DESCRIPTION and META KEYWORDS for my pages. If I view the source of a product page I see identical text repeated twice within the <HEAD> tags. Is this normal? Will it affect my rankings if it isn't normal (most likely a negative effect?). Finally, where have I gone wrong and how do I correct it? Thanks
  6. Lowey81

    AdminLogin 0.0.5

    I am having a similar problem although I am working on a new version of this contribution to request customers to login to the shopping cart rather than just admin login. This may be useful for people who use 3rd party membership management software and hence separate database containing login information. I have got most of the new contrib working but I am able to login using ANY details (not good!). Probabaly something basic missing but can't work out what it is. It would also be nice to have a logout button to end the session - I might work on that once the first problem is solved. Any advice welcome?? :thumbsup:
  7. Lowey81

    Multi-Stores Multiple Shops Support

    Firstly may I add my congratulations & praise for all the work you have put into creating this useful contribution and for the continued support in this forum. I have tried searching through this topic for an answer to my query but have struggled to find one, so here goes: My hosting company for my main catalog/database etc don't allow remote access to the database. I want to have two sites - retail and wholesale. I currently have this set up as two entirely different installations (which currently means quite a lot of duplicated effort to change descriptions or add/remove products). Through this contribution I want to run both sites through one databse but on two different domains, currently hosted by different companies. The sites are fairly modified and the wholesale site is password protected through subscription/customer management software. I have tried sharing one database before by creating products_price and products_price1 and changing the databse info from 'localhost' to 'mysql.mydomain.com' but I was restricted remote access through the second site! Before I start trying to implement the contrib and can I just make sure it will work for me even though I don't have remote access (i.e. will need to use 'localhost' on both sites config files)? If it is possible, maybe you could disclose how you got around this potential problem - it may be easier to try my original attempt again rather than starting the site again with this excellent contrib. Thanks :thumbsup:
  8. I have seen a few contributions allowing people to place orders without creating an account. But can I get them to work? No. What am I doing wrong? Can anyone suggest which contribution to go for i.e. easiest to follow/most effective. Although having customers create an account makes order processing easier for the people who design the sites and also allow us to keep track of customer spending etc I think that we lose customers by requiring them to sign up first and remember their username/password. Fair enough it saves people time if they return to the site later but I think people prefer to just enter their delivery details and be done with it rather than creating an account for which they need a user ID / password. Any help on how to implement one of the contributions would be great! Thanks