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  1. I have SEO URLs working properly for standard configuration, however, when I try to enable Header Tags as SEO name I get an error on the first page load.  


    Warning: mysqli_free_result() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli_result, boolean given in /home/idp2/idp2.didyoube.com/includes/classes/seo.class.php on line 152

    Then, all my products lose the SEO friendliness, instead just using the product id, e.g. "-p-28.html"


    I have header tags installed, so I wondered what was going on.  Admittedly, I am not very familiar with how this module functions, but, a cursory glance turned up something (which may be nothing)


    In function generate_products_cache line 2015 is this:

                    $sqlCmd = $this->attributes['USE_SEO_HEADER_TAGS'] == 'true' ? 'IF(pd.products_head_title_tag_url !="",pd.products_head_title_tag_url,pd.products_name) as name' : 'pd.products_name as name';
    In my version of header tags, there is no products_head_title_tag_url in products_description.  Rather, there is a products_seo_title.  I changed all the products_head_tag_url references to products_seo_title and things seem to be working.
    Have I hack-created a frankenstein here by forcing two modules that weren't supposed to go together?  Am I working with the wrong version of the header tags module?

  2. I've uploaded a new version to the usual location. This patch fixes the missing space at the bottom of the box and fixes my code errors in the title section.


    If you need to upgrade, just drop the files on top. No need to uninstall/reinstall.





    Thanks Jim.  Any interest in turning this into a drop-down menu that could go into the header? (See Amazon, NewEgg etc.)