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  1. cdetdi

    Paypal Standard Payments Failing

    Working here too with updated cert.
  2. cdetdi

    Paypal Standard Payments Failing

  3. cdetdi

    Paypal Standard Payments Failing

    Line by line review, the failed logs do not show the field for 'receipt_id'
  4. cdetdi

    Paypal Standard Payments Failing

    Balance works fine. The notify-validate logs show all the normal information, except that the response area is blank. Notify sync is much less data than normal, and again no response shown.
  5. cdetdi

    Paypal Standard Payments Failing

    I have been using Paypal both Payments Standard and Express checkout for years. As of Sunday at midnight, all my orders using Payments Standard get stuck in the initial order status. No payment information is posted to the order nor is the order moved to the status I have configured to move it once the IPN has been received. In the log all the PS logs show a red icon rather than green. They do not show "VALIDATED" on the bottom. The "_notify-synch" log is also different - only 5 lines rather than the customary information with more verbose order information. Went through files and nothing on my end changed. I also did not find in Paypal's docs any information about a change to the API as of Sunday night. ANY Help would be appreciated, as it is causing a headache for order processing. * UPDATE * I've avoided the order processing headache by disabling Payments Standard and moving all customers to Express Checkout.
  6. @Tsimi Wondering if Pheonix update is close before I tackle it myself. Also have some custom feature questions if you have time for a custom job hire.
  7. Got it, thanks. Coffee time....
  8. I'm hoping to add some code that disables the points system for customers who are wholesale accounts - they already get good discounts. I'm using your Pheonix Wholesale Pro module on a Phoenix build. Are you planning on accounting for customer wholesale type in the points system in the future? Since this is a complicated add-on with many modules, is there one location that would disable the entire system, or, do I need to add a check in every module/part of this add on? Thanks! C
  9. cdetdi

    Horizontal Megamenu

    Jim - are there plans to bring this up to Phoenix? Willing to sponsor the development, let me know.
  10. I don't think this is true any longer. I think the instant update API has been deprecated and will be discontinued going forward.
  11. cdetdi

    Time for a Bottom Up Rebuild?

    Unfortunately this has gotten way off-topic from Paypal, and this is my fault for not properly naming the topic and this showing up in the new topic feeds and users not knowing what this started out as. Apologies...
  12. cdetdi

    Time for a Bottom Up Rebuild?

    Gents...and Ladies: I noticed that my customers now experience the new responsive checkout when selecting express checkout during the checkout process. As I understand it Instant Update is no longer available. Digging in more, it seems entire SOAP library that the OsC Paypal Checkout is built on is deprecated and Paypal is slowly removing one feature at a time. Seeing that the new system "PayPal Checkout with Smart Buttons" seems to be largely brand new code & the legacy features in the OsC PayPal app are going to be useless going forward, is it time to start this from scratch? Or....I'm missing something and totally wrong.
  13. cdetdi

    phpcurl error

    Understood, thanks for the clarification. Now back to debugging Instant Update...
  14. cdetdi

    phpcurl error

    Bumping this a bit - I noticed today while testing something else that my Instant Update for shipping rates isn't working. I know that if SSL is failing the instant update won't work. Did the SSL test and just like Burt its failing. I migrated servers last month so possible connected to that, but wanted to ask if anyone discovered anything new in this subject Re: the PayPal end failing.
  15. cdetdi

    Paypal Express Dropping Tax Calculation

    Fixed for now - I added a function in general that looks to see if the PAYMENTREQUEST_0_TAXAMT is in the Paypal array which then turns on the tax rate I need. The fact that this works suggests that it was the shop that calculated the rate by itself (disregarding the PayPal return) and the shop was dropping the tax rate.