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  1. I have had several 2co accounts and never had this problem before. On recurring transaction, the initial charge is fine, but all subsequent recurring charges are declined. After a bunch of these (real customers) got declined, I made a test order with my own card (definitely valid), and I got the same message: ----------------- Dear xxx, We recently tried to rebill your recurring order xxxxx42835 for xxx.com. for the following items: xxx (1ws/4.99) : 4.99 ( USD ) However, your bank declined the transaction for the following reason: 9009 : Invalid request To have these charges post to a different card (or update your expiration date, etc.), please enter your new billing information using the link below. You will be prompted to enter the first 6 and last 2 digits of the previous credit card. --------------- 2co support is not responding; if you have any idea why this is happening, please helpr Regards AJ