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  1. Hi i am using osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1 and in configure.php I set the value to true and the c panel to force htts and after that, it brakes my web page, my boxes disappear and my whole display just appears on left on the webpage. i did the same with another site and it worked just fine, display as normal, and a secure site up and working, the only difference is a customer-designed layout whereas the one which will not work is an out-of-the-box standard layout. are there other files I would to modify to make it HTTPS compatible? Thanks
  2. cyberfruits

    admin page sign in does not work with https

    thanks solved it, was the configuration file not set to true.
  3. Hi I have a puzzle with my latest os commerce installation, I have enabled force HTTPS redirect in c panel, see below screen print, so it is secure and this why was the easiest way for me doing HTTPS, but the site admin login will not work and it does not display properly. any ideas appreciated
  4. cyberfruits

    Automated stock update

    Hi Thanks for your help, there are so many different problems that i now have decided to use easy populate. my supplier has both .csv and xml formats. with regard to the sql message that is all what i got myself, which is not a lot. thanks for your input :) and help
  5. cyberfruits

    Automated stock update

    "I have no idea what a "scripts runtime restriction" is" Is The following php.ini settings are considered to be "default" by most hosts. Adjust higher as needed. max_execution_time = 30 ;(in seconds) Change this to allow for more time that PHP can process your import file.I tried my best to explain that, but i can not change that setting, so i would have to split the files looking into easy populate for now and then, if i can not use it , look for sombody to help to bring my scrips up to date the error message is all i got and on line one is only wriiten <?php and that is why i can not whats wrong, so could supply that script to sombody, but is only one of several. thanks
  6. cyberfruits

    Automated stock update

    Hi I will be looking at easy populate. i have done work on my old php scripts, but trying work oround the 30 "scripts runtime restrictions" is giving me problems, because there over a thosand products. they are mostly working so, but one more keeps giving me this propblem "MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '` values ('303',1,'Product Name','materials','',0)' at line 1". i hane no clue about mysql, which i think where the problem lies and can not see the reference in my script any help or tips would be welcome thanks
  7. cyberfruits

    Automated stock update

    Hi I used to run a shop till 2010 and this was based on the 2,2 version of os. i now runnig the latest 2.3 version. my 2.2 version had custom php scripts writen in php 1.1... i belive and my server now runs php 5... so i can not use my scripts to stock or update my stock in my shop, because the simply do not work. is there any ad ons out there which can stock or update my stock and quantaty? my supplier provides xml/asp files required for updates and all products avaible. also live stock feeds in various formats the problem is i can not afford very much if it is a paid product/programm thanks