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  1. I am having an issue with PayPal V2.01 where if the Payment method selector is not selected, I select PayPal, then Continue Checkout, the PayPal fee is not calculated for the Order Confirmation Screen.  If I go back to the Payment method screen, and then Continue Checkout, the PayPal fee is calculated correctly.  I am guessing MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_PAYPAL_STATUS is not getting set soon enough.  Any suggestions to fix?

    1. jcarndt


      I think that there may be an issue with this code in OSCOM CE Phoenix v1.0.7.14, 

      if ( ( ($GLOBALS['payment'] == 'paypal_standard') & ($PHP_SELF != 'shopping_cart.php') )  ) {

      As a workaround, I added  or (preg_match("/\bPayPal\b/i", $order->info['payment_method'], $match)) ) {  to that if statement, so it would catch all my PayPal transactions.

      I went back to a simplified process function like in version 1, so I am only concerned about normal US PayPal.

    2. milerwan



      In the ot_paypal_fee.php file, you have to replace each $GLOBALS['payment'] to $_SESSION['payment']

      Best regards

    3. jcarndt


      Thanks for the update on how to resolve the issue!!


  2. I am looking for an addon module for the Community Edition that has the functionality of the old SalesForce module. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!!
  3. I ran the addon process, and it works really well. I have my store up and running in Phoenix now, thanks for the help!!
  4. Thanks for the explanation!! I just learned about the Phoenix version late last night. I am going to upgrade to Phoenix to see if that will resolve my issues. I read on some other threads that I should be able to move Customer, and Product data tables to Phoenix without any issues. That is all that I am really worried about. Do you know of anything I need to be aware of to move that data? Thanks!!
  5. I upgraded osCommerce to v2.3.4.1, from v2.3.3.4, and now when it is time for the checkout_shipping.php page, I am getting the white screen of death. I have checked the error.log and I so not see any errors, and I tried the View Source on the web page, and I do not see anything. I am not sure the best way to proceed here. I am trying to avoid a clean install, so I do not lose all the customers and products in the DB, but was wondering if I did do a clean install, could I restore the database to recover all of my history. Any thoughts? Thanks for any suggestions in advance.