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    It looks like I spoke too soon... It's still doing the same thing... I'm going to dig into it a little more and post what I find. Thanks.
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    Hi Jack. Thank you for replying. I cloned my site and db on a subdomain for testing. I converted all tables to UTF per your suggestion. I see now where in application_top.php where the optimize query was being made... To test I removed the if's around each query block so that it would optimize on every admin page reload. It seems to be working fine! So, I think conversion to UTF did the trick! Thank you Jack!
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    Hello Jack, Thank you very much for all your hard work and this addon. I installed it on my osCommerce BS site and it seems to be working fine. However, every once in a while my site locks up (I think it occurs when using the View Counter pages on the admin side but I'm not 100%)... I tracked it down to a query that is being made which won't complete and locks up the entire site. Below is what my hosting gave me (I assume from an error file) with the database name removed. I tried to find where the query is in the code but I don't see it. I noticed in admin/database_tables.php that the View Counter tables don't optimize. Do you have any ideas on how to fix this? | 607836 | XXX | localhost | XXX | Query | 11596 | Waiting for table metadata lock | optimize table view_counter | 0.000 | | 607837 | XXX | localhost | XXX | Query | 11596 | Waiting for table level lock | optimize table view_counter | 0.000 |