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  1. benwijns

    Invoice Editor 1.0

    @@De Dokta By bug I actually meant an error on my side! :blush: The file and column are in the correct place. I have no idea why it doesn't work. Ben
  2. benwijns

    Header Tags SEO

    @@Jack_mcs Hi Jack! First big thank you for the add-on! I am trying to install the add-on and I'm half way the install. I have just reached the part where I should see: 'Replace me in Page content.'. I actually see this title but the page itself is blank. This points out a php error no? Any idea how to fix this? Dear regards, Ben
  3. benwijns

    Invoice Editor 1.0

    @@De Dokta @@ArtcoInc Thank you very much guys for the fast responses. I checked all my settings according to your tips and actually those are the things I all ready had checked a few times. Everything seems to be in order. However after some more research I actually found another problem. I can't attach invoices. When I check the box and press update, no changes are made. I think both problems come forth from the same bug. Is that possible? Thanks again for the effort, guys. Ben
  4. benwijns

    Invoice Editor 1.0

    @@De Dokta Another questions, sorry ! :blush: I have just noticed that my invoices are nog saving on to my server. Any idea? Ben
  5. benwijns

    Simple tracking module

    @@tarmogr Hi, I have installed your add-on and followed your instructions. The problem is that the tracking box does'nt show in the admin part. I have tried several ways to solve this problem but I don't get any result. I have tried to get your add-on to work in collaboration with an other add-on (Invoice editor). In the attached files you can find my admin/orders.php file. In this file the adaptions where the hardest because of the collaboration. Can you find a solution? Ben orders.php
  6. benwijns

    Invoice Editor 1.0

    @@De Dokta Thank you for your respons! I got everything to work perfectly. The only thing left to do now is to change the lay out of my pdf. How would you propose to do this? Is there a way to work with css? Ben
  7. benwijns

    Invoice Editor 1.0

    @De Dokta First a thank you for the add on ! I have installed it and everything works fine exept for one thing. When I click on 'Edit invoice' in my admin panel I get a blank page. (PHP error) I started checking all my files and file changes and everything seems to be in order. Allthough I think there is a fault in my generel.php file (attached). All the changes where made according to your manual. Do you have any idea what the problem could be? Another question I have, is if it would be possible to send the invoice automaticly to the customer when the purchase is done? Ben general.php
  8. benwijns

    [Addon] Banner Box for 2.3

    Hi Jim, I have a problem installing the module. I have read your manual and followed the step like the manual said. When I try to install the module in my admin panel, the module is not visible. Does this problem occurred before or do you have a solution? Dear regards, Ben