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    [Contribution]Product Image Verify

    Hi kazack! I installed this add-on on a osCommerce 2.3.4 install. I have tried the installation several times now and have the same results. The first thing I notice was the icons were not showing on the admin page next to the products. This was fixed by changing the <? on line 155 of image_verify.php to <?php When I click on a product I never get the product name in the box on the right hand side with the edit and delete button as seen in the screenshot included with the Image Verifier package. Notice the Adoration product and the other 2 language versions that are highlighted. I have tried both version of the admin/image_verify.php script both with the same results. What versions of PHP you have tried it with? My test server is running PHP 5.5.9 I am also wondering if you have tested it with multiple languages? We are running 3 languages. I notice that 3 items will get highlighted, one for each language, when I click on one product. Any help you can give in getting this setup correctly would be appreciated! Frederick