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  1. Does anyone know why this is happening? It's the same in IE and slimbrowser. Firefox doesn't like java sadly :( Thank you in advance Tracy
  2. I was having probs with the images too.. it seems that the script is calling US.gif but the file is us.gif Right click on your missing image and see if this is the case Tracy
  3. heh... Thats the first thing I did... ok well mayb e the third.. but to no avail.. It is still doing it.. The page is there.. but when I click the download icon it goes to the 'The page cannot be found' :( Tracy
  4. Anyone else having problems downloading the file? Clicking on the dowload link goes to 'Page cannot be displayed',1055 Tracy
  5. Hi ibandyop Yup--I realised after I wrote my post that I had to create 2 files.. heh.. ok that done.. I seem to be having a problem with it. If the admin is available.. a customer can click the image and sign in.. but then it says that all reps are busy... but nothing comes through to the admin to say there is someone waiting.. The admin popup still says waiting for calls... Tracy
  6. Damn... wish there was contribution so that you can edit your posts.. Ok.. take no notice of any of my posts... Everything is working really well :) Great contrib!! Tracy
  7. Hmmm... after reading the changes posted earlier in this thread, i noticed some changes that are to be made to the following pages: admin/ls_hangup.php admin/ls_reset.php I don't have these files, and they are not in the ZIP either... Any ideas? Tracy
  8. Installation went smooth.. I seem to be having a little problem though. I set the admin side to start and get the little popup "waiting for calls" If I then go to the cart, the image says Available. I can click that, login and it takes me to the chat page, but it says all operators are busy helping other customers... and never changes The admin popup still says waiting for calls.. What did i do wrong??? Thanks Tracy
  9. I was looking for a guestbook module that would work.. I ended up incorporating my own... The only problem I ran into was if the person signing the book doesnt write anything.. then the layout on the following page is snafu. I'm sure I can fix it, but I just haven't had time. I didnt write the code for the guestbook, I just added it. You can see it here Its still in test phase so oyu can post messages if you like :) Tracy
  10. Nice site :) I noticed you are using the calendar mod.. How on earth did you manage to change the width on it? I'm having real trouble with that, It is too wide for the left column. Sorry if this is a bit off topic Tracy
  11. Anyone have an idea what it means? Tracy
  12. Hi I install the guestbook mod,138/page,6 I can call the page and it all seems to be working... I am a bit confused about the following statement in the readme. ----- 2) Edit products_id(1) to a dummy product called Guestbook, make sure it has no weight, attributes, category, or stock. --- What do I need to edit??.. I'm lost on this one.. Thanks Tracy
  13. Hmmm.. I installed 1.3 and am getting the same thing. Nothing showing up on product_info pages.... I tried the 1.1 install and that does show the buttons, but they dont go anywhere. The link shows... /product_info.php?products_id= Im stumped too... Tracy
  14. Encouragement.. thats the way to go.. I like it :D Greg.. I tried your code but it would work.. I kept getting damned errors. Copy and paste.,... thats all I have to do.. and I can't get that right!!! :lol: Tracy
  15. Hmm.. what about subdirectories in the wrapped dir... Is that dooable? Tracy