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  1. Hi I have already posted this question on /topic/398903-new-to-oscommerce-need-help/ but it is probably appropriate here as well ..... "Hi, I am new to osC and a total novice with php. I have been wading thru the convoluted osc code (to me that is - probably not for a seasoned programmer) trying to figure out how to add an entry box (in product add/edit in admin) along with the apro database field and supporting code, to add a sort order to products as per the sort order for categories. I realise that you can click on price and description fsoa, to change sort and reverse sort order. I looked at (what I could decipher) the code for the category sort to try to copy it, but got totally stymied. I figure it is probably a very simple mod for someone that knows what they are doing, can anyone help or at least point me in the right direction. Thanks :)" I read the above post and it sort of heads in the right direction, but it need a field in tha database to establish the sort on and a method in admin to enter that data for each product i.e numbering say 1000 thru 999999 fsok.