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  1. Aha...figured it out:


    You were a very baaad boy and didn't follow directions :) The problem is that you copied the  tep_get_products_special_price function from my installation directions, which specifically state that you can not do that.


    You have to copy the  tep_get_products_special_price from your /catalog/includes/functions/general.php file.


    That will solve your problem :)


    (unless, of course, you don't have  tep_get_products_special_price in your general.php file... but I haven't found an install yet that didn't have it.)


    Eureka! Thanks for everything. Somehow I missed that part in the installation instructions.




    -Kel :)

  2. Hmmm... I wonder if we're not relying on / requiring a contribution? Can you tell me more about your setup? (ie, version of osC running and mods).


    I'm running osCommerce 2.2-MS2. I have quite a few mods, I'm sure i can't remember then all, so just to name a few:


    Account Balance (Gift Certificate Redemption)


    Admin Order Create

    Admin Account Creat

    Customer Order Comments

    Unsold Carts Report

    Monthly Sales Tax Report

    Printable Catalog

    Sort Customers asc/desc by first name, last name, or join date

    Several Custom Information Pages

    Custom Template Application


    Here are some system stats:


    Operating system Linux

    Kernel version: 2.4.21-4.0.1.ELsmp

    Apache version 1.3.33 (Unix)

    PERL version 5.8.1

    PHP version 4.3.10

    MySQL version 4.0.24-standard


    Any suggestions?





  3. I just installed the latest version, and I believe it will be a great tool to help boost my sales. If that is, I can get it working. I'm having the following error message displayed at the top of recover_cart_sales.php. Everthing else works just fine.


    1054 - Unknown column 'customers_group_id' in 'field list'
    select customers_group_id from customers where customers_id = ''
    [TEP STOP]


    Any help would be appreciated!




    Kel Jackson

    CEO / President

    RCM RC Products


  4. Not to sound like too much of a noob here, but does anyone have one complete Credit Card Module. All the other stuff I can do, but this is what I'm looking for: A Complete Credit Card Module that will automatically handle transactions. If it won't work with all countries then that's fine, I'll just start from there.


    Any suggestions?





  5. Hello,


    Very interested in this contribution, but would like to see how it appears in a web site. ANy one can post a URL that has this FAD installed?


    Many thanks



    Yeah, no problem!






    Now I have an issue of my own. to deal with..


    Whenever I want to move an FAQ or a category.. I get this message in the Admin Panel:


    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_array_reverse() in /home2/rcmrc/public_html/products/admin/includes/functions/faqdesk_general.php on line 206


    Any ideas? I'll search for an updated installation pack to install.





  6. I'd really like someone to make a reply to this.. I've been considering to install this module Myself.


    Everytime someone makes a paypal payment on our site, I have to manually make the same order myself, and then change it to them in the database.


    This gets really annoying and there should be an automatic way to do this.. is paypal IPN the way?


    Someone Help..



  7. you do know that UPS and USPS are two different things right?

    Yes I do.


    USPS = United States Postal Service

    UPS = United Parcel Service


    Why won't the UPS shipping option show at all? Also, why won't the USPS username and password work?


    I would really only like to use UPS and FedEx, but I'm not sure how the FedEx module works either. Does FedEx charge for live quotes like that?



    You'll have to Enable UPS before it works..


    THis is really wierd, it should be working by now.