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    General thoughts about Add-On's

    Serveral times I read "as many methods, especially payment and shipment, as possible in the box". Such an overload does not win customers, but rather scares them away. I think the best way is a lean, clear system that only uses the necessary methods. Everything else is then offered as Add-on's for free. As many free and easy to integrate Add-on's as possible attract more customers than anything on board or paid. And the overload could also slow down the whole system. Another deterrent more.
  2. PhoenixAter

    Currencies and Rounding

    That are very great news. Till now I missed perfect rounding of CHF at every shop-software. I'm looking forward to the beta test version.
  3. PhoenixAter

    Shipping methods

    Just USA. Not all people in the world need all possible possibilities. In my store e.g. I never offer "Delivery by FedEx". So why should I have it in the box? Or for other Europeans UPS and FedEx aren't popular, they prefer DHL, DPD or their local postal service. Germany and Switzerland have so called Packstationen run by the local "Post". Would you have them also in the box as shipping method: delivery to "Packstation"? Once again: A small clear system with high performance and all other methods as Add-On's.
  4. PhoenixAter

    Payment methods

    This also could be a KO factor. Not everyone needs 30-40 or more payments methods. At the end, I would say, ~95% are not in use. I would say 10 or 15, maybe 20 but not more, most important methods and all others as Add-On's. At Version there are alone 23 methods of Moneybookers, today Skrill. Most of them are only for 1, 2 or 3 European countries. So why should a store e.g. in Singapore have all those methods in the box? I prefer a smaller and clearer , but faster system without to much overload.
  5. PhoenixAter

    App Store or Add-on Store or...?

    Me too, and it's not only a thought: "Application software (app for short) is a program or group of programs designed for end-users.". And app sounds too much like apple. For me Add-On or contribution
  6. PhoenixAter

    Payment and Shipping

    🤔 The common payment methods like COD, bank transfer (pre payment), PayPal/Braintree incl. CreditCards, Skrill ex Moneybookers, etc., and Invoice should be mandatory.
  7. PhoenixAter


    For me Swiss German please. It differs much from German for Germany.