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  1. Oh, boy. I have been reading all those super positive reviews about George and Mini Templates that I do not know what to add. The words I had in my head have already been written. I just can say that the above reviews are true to the last letter. One day I have decided I wanted to have an online shop. I started to look at my options and quickly realized that osCommerce is a way to go. No one can beat their price. :) but with that came the realization that online shops are not just simple html pages where you easily change the design. What a bummer. One option, of coarse, is to spend a few months (or years, depending on your brightness) and learn PHP and other related stuff. Got time? Not me. I have two babies under two and prefer potty training books to any other reading. With Mini Templates I can now fully concentrate on what I do the best - being a mom and have my dream toy shop set up without a headache. Thank you, George! Yes, nothing is free. But in comparison to other options Mini Templates with its fabulous customer support has absolutely the best value/price ratio.