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  1. Hi, I have installed the points_rewards V2.2beta module on my oscommerce 2.3.4 store. On checkout, I check the box to use points as payment. When Paypal logs me in (sandbox environment) the invoice section to the left only displays a total value which correctly deducts the points value. However when I view the transaction in PayPal, the points value was not used. Here is the order e-mail sent by my store: Sub-Total: $34.85 Flat Rate Best Way: $5.00 Points Redeemed: -$10.00 CA TAX 8.0%: $2.79 Total: $32.64 The total shows a correct value of $32.64. Here is the detail of the PayPal transaction: Total amount: -$42.64 USD Fee amount: $0.00 USD Net amount: -$42.64 USD Item amount: $42.64 USD Sales Tax: $0.00 USD Shipping: $0.00 USD Handling: $0.00 USD Quantity: 1 As you can see the $10 in rewards points did not get applied. Can someone please help with this? Shouldn't PayPal have the sales tax and shipping info from my store? Thank you in advance
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    Hi, I know this thread is old and may not be monitored anymore, but I have recently installed this addon and have 2 issues. There are 2 instances of the module in my admin configuration box When using points as payment (full or partial) and utilizing Paypal as my means of payment, I see the following: the detailed invoice disappears just a grand total that correctly reflects the redemption of points There may be more involved than just this addon module, because in the Paypal invoice window all I normally see is the detail item descriptions with price and a total not reflecting tax / shipping. The shipping / tax / discounts do not show even though I have all of that configured in my admin site. Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Dynamic Template System

    Here is a correction to my earlier posting: Some module boxes have the page selection capability and some do not. The ones that I have active do not have the functionality. However they do display correctly on each page just as they did prior to the install. Still do not know where to apply the code change for V2.2. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.