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  1. AdmiralRedBeard

    Get 1 Free

    I have installed the newest version of the Bootstrap Edge and have applied the Modular Products Page addon. Is there a fairly easy way to incorporate the code change to the product_info.php file for the Get 1 Free addon? Would this be it's own module or would it be added to an existing module? Any help that you can give would be greatly aapreciated.
  2. AdmiralRedBeard

    Product Attribute Pictures v1.3

    That code is found in the product_info.php file in your catalog folder.
  3. When I try to add a product, I am getting this error: 1146 - Table '951263_osc.products_stock' doesn't exist select products_stock_quantity as products_quantity from products_stock where products_id = '37' and products_stock_attributes = '' I do not have a products_stock database and the supplied sql had no mention of it either. What am I missing?
  4. Thank you hOZONE, for your reply. I noticed that after I posted that the Add to Amazon button appears when I go to edit my individual products. For the viewlink, what is that function? Is that where the products go when we add them to Amazon? Where do we get that link value? ARB P.S. for anyone that is curious, EAN is similar to a UPC code or a barcode that identifies your products. There are a couple of contributions out there that will supply your products with this code. I am in the process of adding one to my v2.3.4 store.
  5. I have the same issue as abelux. A database error. If I delete that reference then the error goes away. However my amazon_addproducts.php page is just an empty screen. There is nothing displaying that would allow me to add a product. Only the header amazon Add Products and my admin menu in the left column. In looking at the code I noticed this line: $amazonfile = "../admin/amazon_list.txt"; This txt file was not part of the contribution and there were no instructions stating that we needed to create this file. Also, there is this reference in the .config.inc file: $amazon_viewlink = "http://www.amazon.it/gp/product/"; This appears to point to an Italian Amazon link. Are we supposed to modify this? If so what are we supposed to enter here?
  6. AdmiralRedBeard

    Stripe payment option not recognizing discount coupon amount

    Hi Bob, I seem to have figured out my issue. I did a search online for before_process oscommerce and I found an old forum entry that told me that that payment before_process() function gets called in the checkout_process.php step. It also stated that the call to that function needs to come after the place where $order_totals_module is defined. So I looked at my version of checkout_process and the call to the payment before_process() function was before the $order_totals_module. Since I had not initially modified the checkout_process.php file I overwrote it with the version that came with the CCGV addon. That was my mistake. I didn't think that it would be altered other than for the CCGV module. Anyway, it now works for my coupons and it works for points redeemed. The only thing that I didn't test yet is the gift vouchers. I sincerely appreciate the effort that you put into this request. I hope that I didn't bother you too much. Tim
  7. AdmiralRedBeard

    Stripe payment option not recognizing discount coupon amount

    Hi Bob, I looked at my admin directory for the order_total like you mentioned. Here is what I have regarding the order type files: admin/orders.php admin/orders_status admin/includes/boxes/orders.php admin/includes/classes/order.php admin/includes/languages/english/orders.php admin/includes/languages/english/orders_status.php admin/includes/languages/english/modules/cfg_modules/cfgm_order_total.php admin/includes/languages/english/modules/dashboard/d_orders.php There were several files relating to gift vouchers and coupons added to both the admin and catalog directories from the addon. The discounts get applied to my order_total table. They appear and are calculated on the order info that is displayed on the checkout_confirmation page and also on the order history when you view the order details. Here is some of the Stripe.php code from catalog/includes/modules/payment/stripe.php where it sends the order total to Stripe. The function called before_process() is where I see the total being populated into a params array. I do not know where or how this function gets called. I tried playing around with the total in this area and the Stripe test error log shows a zero value for the amount and I was getting an error message on the checkout_confirmation page something about an integer value. Within the before_process functon it is setting the ['amount'] equal to $order->info['total']. This total should be reflecting the discounted total, but like I said I do not know when/where the function gets called to process. The before_process funtion: Stripe.php function.pdf The params section of that function: Stripe.php params.pdf I get so lost in all of this code and I am absolutely stumped. If the correct total is in the table and displays within the shopping cart then why does it not transfer to the payment processor? That's what I do not quite understand and that is what I am hoping you can help me to solve. Thank you so much for tryingto help me! I truly appreciate it. Tim
  8. AdmiralRedBeard

    Stripe vs Braintree?

    Here is some verbiage from Stripe's website concerning security and PCI standards: No-hassle security & complianceBy using any of Stripe’s client libraries, such as Stripe.js for the web or the mobile APIs, you’re automatically compliant with the strictest PCI requirements. No sensitive data hits your servers, saving you hours of security headaches. I thought this might help you in making your decision. Tim
  9. AdmiralRedBeard

    Stripe payment option not recognizing discount coupon amount

    Hi Bob, Thank you for your reply. I will check the admin area for the coupon. The order does display the correct totals on the checkout confirmation page. Tim
  10. AdmiralRedBeard

    Stripe payment option not recognizing discount coupon amount

  11. Hi, I am in desperate need of some help. I installed the Stripe payment option in my v2.3.4 online store as an additional option to PayPal. I am testing to make sure that the discount coupons that I set up in my admin area are calculated and processed upon payment by the customer. In both PayPal and now in Stripe the amount of the coupon discount are not either being carried or recognized on the processor's end. The coupon discount accurately displays on my checkout_confirmation page. This is very discouraging. I am hoping that someone can help me because it is delaying the grand opening of my online store because I want to offer a Grand Opening sale. I posted back in December about my PayPal issue and have not received any help or advice. I have attached screenshots of the Stripe log and the order info from my website.Stripe Log.pdfshopping cart page.pdf Any help that you can provide me would be greatly appreciated and I'm sure would help others. Thank you in advance. Tim
  12. AdmiralRedBeard

    Paypal App - Incorporation of mods in new admin/orders.php

    Is there anyone out there that can help with this error?
  13. AdmiralRedBeard

    Paypal App - Incorporation of mods in new admin/orders.php

    Here are the other 2 screenshots: Web Store Order Total.pdf PayPal Transaction Details.pdf
  14. AdmiralRedBeard

    Paypal App - Incorporation of mods in new admin/orders.php

    I have since figured out the sandbox issue. I only had a business account setup and not a personal account. Once I set up a personal account I cold use that as the buyer account and the transaction continued. Now my issue is the total amount being charged to the customer is incorrect. I have a CCGV module installed and while it works within the store, PayPal gets the correct total when a discount is applied, however the final charge to the customer is the total WITHOUT the discount. So discouraging. I have captured screenshots of the PayPal account, the order total, and the PayPal logs from the admin site. Set Express Checkout.pdf Get Express Checkout Details.pdf Do Express Checkout Payment.pdf
  15. AdmiralRedBeard

    Paypal App - Incorporation of mods in new admin/orders.php

    Thank you, Bob for your help. I double checked all of the files that I loaded and had the login folder in the admin twice. So I think my problems are solved now. The only issue so far that I am running into is that PayPal won't let me login into my sandbox account to test a transaction. :(