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    Order Tracker New Contrib....

    Anyone having problems today with orders_tracking saying "Yesterday 09-001" and there not being any match?
  2. nesincg

    Order Tracker New Contrib....

    The report function get_order_total() is written somewhat incorrecly. It searches for the first order number of the month, then the last order number of the month and then gives you the total of all the orders in between. If you modify the date purchased of an order made in a later month, it then gets all the order totals up to that date. Here is the new function. This should make it a bit faster too. function get_order_total($mo, $yr) { $totals_query = tep_db_query(" SELECT sum( ot.value ) as totals FROM orders o, orders_total ot WHERE o.date_purchased LIKE \"".$yr."-".$mo."%\" AND ot.class = 'ot_total' AND o.orders_id = ot.orders_id"); $totals_row = tep_db_fetch_array($totals_query); return $totals_row['totals']; } Thanks for this report. It has been great, Chris
  3. nesincg

    Order Tracker New Contrib....

    I'm having a problem for July reports where the sales amout is climbing higher and higher, even though we are in August. Anyone else have a similar problem? Just downloaded 2.7 and that didn't solve the problem. Just started happening lately. So either my database is screwing up or this report SQL is off a little. All other sale reports show correctly. Any Ideas?
  4. nesincg

    Bundled products

    I've have bundles installed and working, even with master products. I have no idea how I even did it. When I delete an order, the products are not restocked that are in a bundle. Is this an error in my code or a known "feature". Before I go are write something, has anyone fixed this problem already?
  5. nesincg

    Bundled products

    chris or anyone, thanks for the contribution and the invoice that looks great. Easy to install. I'd like to add the individual model numbers to that invoice. The sql you are using is a bit too complex for me. Any help from anyone would be great. Any thoughts of how to select product options of the sub products? I know crazy isn't it. <_<