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  1. Got: 1060 - Duplicate column name 'sort_order' ALTER TABLE `am_attributes_to_templates` ADD(`sort_order` int default 0) [TEP STOP] on first product edit after update am from 3.3.2 to 3.3.5 on Phoenix After reopen product edit it works as expected.
  2. That's true, I'm sorry 🙂
  3. Found the list messed up again after searching a product, which is linked to a 2nd folder. Decided to add classes to the <th> tags, so we can exclude the choosen classes: $('table tbody td:has([href*="pID={$products_id}&"])').parent().find('th').not('.pmodel').not('.pname').addClass('pname').before('<th class="pmodel">{$products_model}</th>'); this works for me even with three links 😉
  4. Installed v3.3.2 on Phoenix and got: Notice: Constant AM_AJAX_IMAGE already defined in /admin/attributeManager/languages/german/attributeManager.php on line 79 in attribute manager tab. Found some unused defines and AJAX_IMAGE twice in admin/attributeManager/languages/german/attributeManager.php Deleted and works fine
  5. before: after: with added products_model
  6. The optional admin thumbs hook doesn't work correct, if product ids becomes 3 digits. Images with product id 10 becomes added to products with id 100 to 109. The first try to prevent is to limit the jquery selector in line 67 of catKissIt.php hook: $('table tbody td:has([href*="pID={$products_id}&"])').parent().find('th').before('<th>{$products_thumb}</th>'); I simply have added an ampersand behind the $products_id cause normally there follows &cPath=xyz. Not sure, if this is the most elegant way, but it works for me
  7. Denzel

    TinyMCE editor for admin

    The TinyMCE has issues with the required argument of html5. Found some threads on stack and git... This fix works for me with Phoenix CE Add this lines into the init call into the hook: setup: function (editor) { editor.on('change', function (e) { editor.save(); }); } so that it looks like this: <?php /* Copyright (c) 2019, C Poole All rights reserved. Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met: 1. Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer. 2. Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided with the distribution. 3. Neither the name of the copyright holder nor the names of its contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission. THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY THE COPYRIGHT HOLDERS AND CONTRIBUTORS "AS IS" AND ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE DISCLAIMED. IN NO EVENT SHALL THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER OR CONTRIBUTORS BE LIABLE FOR ANY DIRECT, INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, EXEMPLARY, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, PROCUREMENT OF SUBSTITUTE GOODS OR SERVICES; LOSS OF USE, DATA, OR PROFITS; OR BUSINESS INTERRUPTION) HOWEVER CAUSED AND ON ANY THEORY OF LIABILITY, WHETHER IN CONTRACT, STRICT LIABILITY, OR TORT (INCLUDING NEGLIGENCE OR OTHERWISE) ARISING IN ANY WAY OUT OF THE USE OF THIS SOFTWARE, EVEN IF ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGE. */ /* HOW TO USE you can either load the js file needed for TinyMCE locally or via the TinyMCE CDN (if you have a api key if using TinyMCE CDN use the url proivded to you by TinyMCE if loading tinymce locally <script src="path/to/where/you/saved/it"></script> I recommend using the TinyMCE CDN, as it will keep it up to date. HOW TO ADD TO OTHER TEXTAREAS You will need to add the name of the textera to the selector line e.g. if the textarea name is example_name[1] you need to put , textarea[name^="example_name"] it will then load it on all textareas with example_name so if you have a multi language store, it will load for all languages if the textarea is not on the categories or manufacors page then you will neeed to add the filename to the $good_pages variable HOW TO ADD/RE,OVE PLUGINS AND WHAT APPEARS IN THE TOOLBARS this is done by simply adding/removing stuff from the plugins or toolbar settings it is just what i use personally */ class hook_admin_siteWide_tinymce { var $version = '1.0.3'; var $sitestart = null; var $siteend = null; var $good_pages = ['categories.php', 'manufacturers.php', 'info_pages.php']; // what pages do you want to load the tinymce editor on function listen_injectSiteEnd() { $this->siteend .= '<!-- tiny mce -->' . PHP_EOL; $this->siteend .= '<script src="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/tinymce/5.0.15/tinymce.min.js"></script>' . PHP_EOL; $tinyScript = <<<eod <script> tinymce.init({ selector: 'textarea[name^="products_description"], textarea[name^="categories_description"], textarea[name^="manufacturers_description"], textarea[name^="page_text"]', // Select all textarea we want to use it on height: 500, width: "100%", forced_root_block : false, theme: 'silver', plugins: [ 'advlist autolink lists link image charmap print preview hr anchor pagebreak', 'searchreplace wordcount visualblocks visualchars code fullscreen', 'insertdatetime media nonbreaking save table contextmenu directionality', 'emoticons template paste textcolor colorpicker textpattern imagetools codesample toc' ], toolbar1: 'undo redo | insert | styleselect | bold italic | alignleft aligncenter alignright alignjustify | bullist numlist outdent indent | link image', toolbar2: 'print preview media | forecolor backcolor | codesample fontselect fontsizeselect', image_advtab: true, relative_urls : true, remove_script_host : true, content_css: [ 'https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/font-awesome/5.8.1/css/all.min.css', 'https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/twitter-bootstrap/4.3.1/css/bootstrap.min.css' ], setup: function (editor) { editor.on('change', function (e) { editor.save(); }); } }); </script> eod; if (in_array(basename($_SERVER['PHP_SELF']), $this->good_pages)) { $this->siteend .= $tinyScript . PHP_EOL; return $this->siteend; } } } I have already added the Info-Pages textareas. Maybe Craig @puddlec can upload it as update into the marketplace.
  8. Denzel

    XML Sitemap Generator

    But why deleting the sitemap without telling someone while accessing categories or manufacturer ? Google will download the sitemap sometime you don't know, but if they find nothing... ?
  9. Denzel

    XML Sitemap Generator

    I have a question: The Archive are the sitmap.php and a function file ? The changes in general.php ( which easily can be modded as a hook ) deletes automaticly the sitemap-index, if I request categories or manufacturers? So, if I do something automaticly, why not execute sitemap.php after saving a product and create an actual sitemap, instead of deleting the map, which google is looking for ? Have I misunderstood something ?
  10. I have found and edited the file. You have to copy it into admin/ext/aas/plugins/core/actions/ Please make a backup of your file, it's untested... And tell me if it works aas.php
  11. I'm sorry, I can't download the paket. The domain is down... You may send the main file...
  12. I'll have a look at it tonight. The Copy function is included to the Marketplace version? I have to Install it somewhere...
  13. Should not be a big one, to add the additional images to the routine... Are you still looking for @Cary ?
  14. Denzel

    Store Search Bar (BS)

    This is a pity. I already have an other jquery bug in my testshop, due to my scrollboxes doesn't start scrolling by itself. I have to hover and leave an than they start. Is there no jquery-event, which says: Hi, Im ready...? Regards, Denzel.
  15. Denzel

    Store Search Bar (BS)

    @ArtcoInc Hi, something new about it ? I put the searchbar in my testshop at one of the first contribs. It works, Im sure... Now, after adding a view more contribs, it has stopped working... I can't find any issue 🤔 Regards, Denzel.
  16. Hallo Leute, ich hoffe, dass hier gelegentlich jemand liest und Zeit hat, mir ein paar Basics von GitHub zu erklären... Ich habe es geschafft mich dort anzumelden und mir auch schon des öfteren etwas von dort runtergeladen, aber ich komme einfach nicht mit diesen Forks, Pulls, Requests und diesem ganzen Kram klar... Ich würde dort zum Beispiel gerne an einer osC-Version arbeiten können... Kann mir jemand helfen? Gruß, Denzel.
  17. Hi @auzStar, I just have managed it, to port the customer testimonials to Phoenix v1.0.3.0. But there is one issue, that I could not fix: I have configured the box to scroll automaticly with 5sec. pause. But the box did not start to scroll, unless I hover the box with the mousepointer. Then the scrolling starts... Can you tell me where exactly the scrolling start ? I have moved some parts of the box to header and footer. Maybe this is the clue... TY! Regards, Denzel.
  18. I got it: In in admin->modules->product listing the Image option is empty by default. As the function is marked as defunct, I don't care about. I've changed it to "1" and voilà: Images appears 😎 If burt has planned to delete the function, this must be adjusted somewhere in the contrib ... Regards, Denzel.
  19. Hi @raiwa, Could it be that this is no longer working with phoenix? It looks like Gary has changed the product_listing module in v1.0.3.0. I have no more Images in the listing. The Box works, but the Imagepath in the listing is empty. Only "images/". Can you confirm this, or is it a bug at my testshop ? Regards, Denzel.
  20. Maybe I run confused with the two different contribs: AJAX Attribute Manager for 2.3 Last updated 5 years ago Anyway, its only keeping this old part alive... Looks like I have to update to CE :-/ See Ya, Denzel
  21. Hi Folks, got the same Error and found if (@mysql_get_server_info($db_link)) { in attributeManager.php in Line 23. Changed to: if (@mysqli_get_server_info($db_link)) { and the Error 500 past away See Ya, Denzel.
  22. Denzel

    Google XML Sitemap SEO

    Hi @@annuity, I think @@Jack_mcs is right. My PHP Version is 5.6.30 and I had no errors after installation like you are talking about. SEE YA Denzel.
  23. Denzel

    QTPro BS

    Hi @@raiwa recently I recognized that the qtpro_sick_product_count() function in header.php from my 2.3.4 BS Edge Shop with QTpro for osc 2.3 V4.6.1 takes about 30 seconds while loading my backend :blink: I'm not sure when this problem occurs, maybe it was a creeping process. I have only 337 products with 19 tracked options in my shop. Do you think that the problem disappears if I update to your 5.2 version ? Do you use the same functions ? I'm unsure to install the update... B) Thank you for helping me ! SEE YA Denzel.
  24. Denzel

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Ok, I allready have found it in usu_general_functions.php: function usu_cleanse( $value ) { return preg_replace( '@[^a-z0-9_]@i', '', $value ); } can be changed to: function usu_cleanse( $value ) { return preg_replace( '@[^a-z0-9_\%]@i', '', $value ); } Now the Percent Character (%) stays in the URL for $_GET usage. But thats not my success, the question allready was asked on 1st February of 2012 by @@zipicip in #3581 of this thread. SEE YA Denzel.