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  1. Hi Rainer, Just installed this module in a two, or three days old 2.3.4 BS EDGE Shop. Installation was easy, but now I noticed that the order of the products is not the same as I visit them. Where can I change the sort order ? BTW I noticed the same behavior in your demoshop... :wacko: Thank you for helping ! SEE YA Denzel.
  2. Sometimes things can be so simple... Im not fit in the category-tree-class, but you are right, it works :thumbsup: I'll lace it as new Addon. Have made a Github account, but it's so confusing... Maybe Burt find it in the addon section if he need something like this B) Thank you for help and coding :lol: SEE YA Denzel.
  3. Hi Jim, I'll do my very best to improve, but first it had to work correctly... This code: $full_category_tree->setCategoryPath( $cPath, '<strong>', '</strong>' ); has no effect to the output. The actually choosen categorie has to get the <strong> tags, but it doesn't do. I think i have it broken... Can you help ? SEE YA Denzel.
  4. Hi @ll ! Gergely helped me got this to work... If you plan to use the modal cart popup together with the shopping card box (of if you simple wonder, why this is not working after installing it) you have to prevent that the session variable 'new_products_id_in_card' becomes unregistered by the shoppingcard box bm_shopping_card. This is easy to do o:) with the following code in catalog/includes/modules/boxes/bm_shopping_cart.php if ((tep_session_is_registered('new_products_id_in_cart')) && ($new_products_id_in_cart == $products[$i]['id'])) { if (!defined('MODULE_CONTENT_FOOTER_MODAL_CART_STATUS') || (defined('MODULE_CONTENT_FOOTER_MODAL_CART_STATUS') && MODULE_CONTENT_FOOTER_MODAL_CART_STATUS == 'False' )) { tep_session_unregister('new_products_id_in_cart'); } } The outer IF-Query is already in the shopping_cart.php. Find it around line 60... By the Way, there is a missing </div> in the template file of the modal cart... Add </div> in line 12 just before <div class="modal-footer"> and everthing is fine :D Thank you Gergely for the Help and the Module :thumbsup: SEE YA Denzel.
  5. Yes thats right, there is no catalog folder in my shop. Its directly in the root. SEE YA Denzel.
  6. Hi @ll ! I found this issue with the incompatible Navbars just after two nights working with (or on) the Edge. Now I would not change back to Gold. So I have adapted Jims Categories-in-Navbar-Menu to work with Garys modular Navbar from Edge. If anyone is interested I would upload it, if I dont step anyones feet :- But first I have some questions, for not to upload some buggy stuff: In the Just-Main-Categories-Menu, the actually chosen Categorie is displayed bold. In the Full-Menu not - is this right ? I think, that something is going wrong with the category_tree_extended-class :( An other issue is the small viewport with the full menu: I cant choose any subcategorie, cause if I tap on a main categorie, the shop switches to this one. Bug or Feature ? ^_^ While writing this, I came to the result its a Feature, cause I cant get to the main categorie some else... Ok, but what about the category_tree_extended-class... any clues ? SEE YA Denzel.
  7. Hello again :) I got it on my own: In the file /includes/modules/boxes/bm_testimonials.php in line 388 I had to change: $file_path = '../..'; into $file_path = '..'; now all is looking good :thumbsup: Module Check The module is correctly installed. Maybe it helps someone else... SEE YA Denzel.
  8. Hello auzstar ! Same issue like at razgre in my shop. Just installed on a very fresh installation of the last 2.3.4 BS Edge version. The Module says all the files are missing: Module Check The module is not correctly installed! Please read the comments below and check your installation. Refer to the User's Manual for further instructions. Missing module files: /ownadminfolder/ajax_delete_testimonial_pi.php /ownadminfolder/testimonials_manager.php /ownadminfolder/includes/boxes/tools_testimonials_manager.php /ownadminfolder/includes/languages/english/testimonials_manager.php /ownadminfolder/includes/languages/english/modules/boxes/tools_testimonials_manager.php /customer_testimonials.php /customer_testimonials_write.php /ext/modules/customer_testimonials.css /ext/modules/boxes/testimonials/bm_testimonials.css /includes/classes/upload.php /includes/modules/customer_testimonials.php /includes/modules/action_recorder/ar_testimonials_write.php /includes/modules/boxes/templates/testimonials.php /includes/languages/english/customer_testimonials.php /includes/languages/english/customer_testimonials_admin_email.php /includes/languages/english/customer_testimonials_write.php /includes/languages/english/modules/boxes/bm_testimonials.php /includes/languages/english/modules/action_recorder/ar_testimonials_write.php Missing jquery mobile files (if jquery mobile is not being installed as part of this module then you can disregard this warning, if jquery mobile is not being used at all then ensure that Swiping is Disabled): /ext/jquery/jquery.mobile.custom.min.js /includes/modules/header_tags/ht_jquery_mobile.php /includes/languages/english/modules/header_tags/ht_jquery_mobile.php Missing folder: /images/testimonials Missing file changes in: /ownadminfolder/includes/functions/general.php but it's working so far... Any ideas ? SEE YA Denzel.
  9. Denzel

    Invoice Editor 1.0

    Hi Everyone, I have found an curious error while editing an invoice of an order with cash on delivery fee: If I add an deposit to the invoice, the cod fee isn't added to the totals again :wacko: Example: I've got Goods for 50€, Shipping 5€, COD-Fee 4€. Total: 59€ everything wright. BUT now I add the deposit of 20€. The Invoice now says: Goods for 50€, Deposit 20€, Shipping 5€, COD-Fee 4€. Total: 35€ :( I am using The Invoice Editor 1.3 and Simple COD-Fee. May anyone help me ? Thanks ! Denzel.
  10. Hi Carine ! With attr in the sourcecode only the radiobuttons changed once together. But nothing other happened. So I changed to prop and everything goes :D Maybe the php version is interessting for this issue ? Got 5.3.15 on my server. SEE YA ! Denzel.
  11. First of all: Im very impressed, that you both take care of my problems so quickly :thumbsup: :D At second goes the biggest THANK YOU to Carine (Ive robbed her sleep o:) ) With your code you save me a lot of time ! Maybe it really was too late yesterday... I found a little mistake in the script in admin/categories.php: <script> var $radios = $('input[type=radio][data-sync]'); $radios.change(function() { $radios.filter('[data-sync="' + $(this).attr('data-sync') + '"]').prop('checked', true); }); var $checks = $('input[type=checkbox][data-sync]'); $checks.change(function() { $checks.filter('[data-sync="' + $(this).attr('data-sync') + '"]').prop('checked', $(this).prop('checked')); }); </script> With this corrections it did exactly what I want (w00t) :thumbsup: Once again: Thank you very much ! SEE YA ! Denzel.
  12. Hi @ll ! Does anybody figured out to automatically check other languaged checkboxes for eg. size or color ? I'll explain: I have three languages installed, and have to check every size or color specification three times (once for every language). Im searching a way to check the other languaged checkboxes or radiobuttons when check one of them. Or maybe a "leader" language. Some javascript / jQuery ? Please let me know ! Thanks ! Denzel.
  13. Hi Dom, every other reader... let me first say, that you have done a great work ! Very nice contrib :D I was really happy about my first real Testimonial. But there is a problem with the quotes in the text the customer wrote... The first quote looks ok, but the second is changed into its htmlentity. It appears only in the scrollbox. Do you have a hint for me ? Shop is on http://www.nazzalstraumhochzeit.de denzel.