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  1. Denzel

    XML Sitemap Generator

    But why deleting the sitemap without telling someone while accessing categories or manufacturer ? Google will download the sitemap sometime you don't know, but if they find nothing... ?
  2. Denzel

    XML Sitemap Generator

    I have a question: The Archive are the sitmap.php and a function file ? The changes in general.php ( which easily can be modded as a hook ) deletes automaticly the sitemap-index, if I request categories or manufacturers? So, if I do something automaticly, why not execute sitemap.php after saving a product and create an actual sitemap, instead of deleting the map, which google is looking for ? Have I misunderstood something ?
  3. Denzel

    Changing all prices to the same

    UPDATE 'products' SET 'products_price'='11.95' WHERE 1 in phpmyadmin, or else.
  4. Denzel

    Product price chage module for

    If temp_rates is the table name, the columbs are missing: INSERT INTO table_name (column1, column2, column3, ...)VALUES (value1, value2, value3, ...);
  5. I have found and edited the file. You have to copy it into admin/ext/aas/plugins/core/actions/ Please make a backup of your file, it's untested... And tell me if it works aas.php
  6. I'm sorry, I can't download the paket. The domain is down... You may send the main file...
  7. I'll have a look at it tonight. The Copy function is included to the Marketplace version? I have to Install it somewhere...
  8. Should not be a big one, to add the additional images to the routine... Are you still looking for @Cary ?
  9. Denzel

    Someone firm with oscTemplate Class ?

    Thank you @ecartz and @JcMagpie for the suggestions. I'll try which fits my needs better 😄
  10. Denzel

    Someone firm with oscTemplate Class ?

    I think, I may add a value to $_SESSION. But is $_SESSION rebuild every pageload ? If Boxes are suppressed on some pages, I need to refill the variable every pageload...
  11. Denzel

    Someone firm with oscTemplate Class ?

    Sorry, sometimes I miss the english words 🙄 I'll try to explain better: I have updated the old Extra Infopages Addon, which adds a Linkbox to the Footersection of the Page. Then I've added the possibillity to let these Infopages popup in an Modal. There was a historic Pulldownmenu for the Pagetype, which is unused in my update. Now I plan to serve the Addon with two footer and two siteboxes and use the Pagetype to choose in which box the link should appear. The Modal-Template is only added to footer_scripts, if the Shopowner adds a link to a box, which should open in Modal. If the Shopowner adds two Boxes, maybe Sitebox and Footerbox, and add Modallinks to both of them, I will suppress, adding the Modal-Template twice...
  12. Denzel

    Someone firm with oscTemplate Class ?

    Thanks Jc, Unfortually I can't add logic, cause the Shopowner decides, if one of the added Boxes needs to add a Modal to Footer. How can I add a flag inside a content module, which is accessable from an other module?
  13. I'm searching for a way to look, if a block is already added to footer_scripts, so I don't need to add it again... Any suggestions ? Thank you ! Denzel.
  14. This option changes the URL from i.e. https://www.myshop.com/product_info.php?sort=4d&cPath=22&products_id=829 to https://www.myshop.com/product_info.php/sort=4d/cPath=22/products_id=829 nothing more, nothing less... It's unnessessary for actual search engines and will be overwritten by USU anyway, if you care about SEO...
  15. Denzel

    Store Search Bar (BS)

    This is a pity. I already have an other jquery bug in my testshop, due to my scrollboxes doesn't start scrolling by itself. I have to hover and leave an than they start. Is there no jquery-event, which says: Hi, Im ready...? Regards, Denzel.