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  1. Thank you. This add-on is fantastic. However I have come across one little issue which is caused by the updated code in the "checkout_shipping.php" file. I'm using SSL encryption on this page. The updated code somehow results in some content on the page not being encrypted. Fortunately I don't get that annoying message pop-up on screen telling me about it which would be very concerning to customers. My testing applies to IE11 and Chrome v 38.0.2125.111m. This issue doesn't occur if I simply replace the amended "checkout_shipping.php" with the original "checkout_shipping.php". So this proves it's definitely one of those code updates in the "checkout_shipping.php" file. I'd really like to get this issue resolved to ensure no loss of orders. All other encrypted pages aren't affected by this issue. Please help :) thanks in advance, Todd o/