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    PayPal Checkout Process not completing

    I fixed the problem, but it is not very elegant. I moved the email notification code to the checkout_success page. It seems to be working there.
  2. gjpinzino

    PayPal Checkout Process not completing

    I am running the PayPal app v.5.010 on osC 2.3.4 in Sandbox mode using PayPal Payments Standard. The payment process proceeds smoothly, and when PayPal returns to osC it shows checkout success. The problem is no confirming emails are sent. I have planted “die” commands at various points in the checkout_process.php code and it appears that that the processing leaves checkout_process when it instantiates the payment class, never to return (about line 47). I have set the PayPal Auto Return parameter to both checkout_process and checkout_success and get the same result – no confirmations. It looks lie there are over 100 lines of code that never see the light of day. How do I fix this?
  3. gjpinzino

    PayPal Checkout Process not completing

    Thanks Jack for your comments. I guess some clarification is needed. The PayPal App I downloaded was 5.010, but when I installed it, I recall that it installed some updates. I see now that I have version 5.018. I assume that is the current version. As for the emails, you are right that PayPal does not send out its emails, but they are available in the sandbox. I am concerned about the confirmation sent by osC and some custom emails I have created. I use the Send Mail Server Tool which is a handy little tool which gets around having to configure an email server in PHP. It captures the messages that osC attempts to mail and stores theme in a directory on my server. Those emails are not forthcoming, and they are the ones I am concerned about. Any information you, or anyone else, might have about the program flow in processing checkout would be appreciated.
  4. gjpinzino

    PayPal Transaction Decline Error Messages - Where defined?

    Don't know if you still need this info. You can find the error messages in the catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/payment/ directory and in catalog/images/includes/languages/english/modules/payment/ directory. Look for files beginning with paypal and choose the ones that fit your situation. Other languages should have similar files in their respective languages directories.
  5. Thanks Leslie, Thank you for your input. If I may add, you are preaching to the choir. I did not develop the site but now have the responsibility of maintaining it. Large amounts of osc were modified to accommodate peculiar design and functional needs of the site. This has rendered a direct upgrade impossible. With hundreds of hours of work ahead of me, I am currently looking for some guidance on this one issue to hold it together until I can manage the update. If anyone can tell me where to look for the code that communicates with PayPal Express Checkout it would save me a lot of searching. I have pretty much ruled out the checkout_process file, but the cascading include files makes debugging this issue very confusing. Jack, thanks for the Google links. I have checked them out, and, unfortunately, the most relevant inquiries have gone unanswered. My best guess at the moment is, despite numerous osc revisions, the core functionality I am looking for is currently in the same or similar file (class or module?). Where should I look?
  6. MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EC_TEXT_PROCESS_ERROR I maintain a website that runs its store using osCommerce. The site was developed in 2007 and still uses the version of osCommerce that was then current. The site connects to PayPal WPP and Express Checkout using the modules contained in osc at the time. In the past couple of months, for no apparent reason, Express Checkout no longer works. Every time a user tries to use Express Checkout osc returns a “MODULE_PAYMENT_PAYPAL_EC_TEXT_PROCESS_ERROR” message when the user tries to confirm the transaction. The sale is never consummated in osc. PayPal support says, “the initial SetEC call is going through and the buyer is being redirected to PayPal. The problem is when the module is supposed to do the DoEC call to complete the payment. Either the module is erroring out or there is some sort of connection issue. It is never reaching PayPal, so PayPal has no record of the attempt or an error.” My attempts to trace the transaction through osc have been futile. Where should I look to track down this problem? Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.
  7. gjpinzino

    USPS Shipping Labels

    Well, it's been almost a year since anyone has commented on the state of the shipping label issue. Is there a documented, workable fix out there. I'm reluctant to jump into this with both feet for the one client I currently have that wants it.