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  1. @@John W I don't know why but I couldn't get it to show on the shipping address/method boxes, nor the payment method etc boxes. Of course when I have a copy and paste knowledge of css, it doesn't help lol
  2. Basically yes. It half kills me not having it all wooden tho LOL (bit overly dramatic but you know).
  3. @@frankl here you go! I should probably have done that with the address in the first one LOL
  4. Sam-AUST

    PayPal App v5.000

    Does the SHIPTOSTREET2 need to be manually fixed or did it come in the new update also?
  5. Sam-AUST

    Pay Pal App (EC) - Customer Fed Wrong Shipping Rates

    I've just done a few tests with Pay Pal Express Checkout - at first I thought the only time the callbackresponse is logging, is when there's an item with a specials price / discounted price in the shopping cart. I took the discount off and tried again and still got the callbackresponse. Then I thought maybe it's the only items with letters in the model number, but not sure on that either.
  6. Using PayPal App v4.039 with Oscommerce BS Gold. For the first time I've had a customer complain the shipping rates are incorrect. In my logs, I see repeated "SetExpressCheckout" actions under her name. Within this, the correct rates are shown for her order as passing across to Pay Pal. HOWEVER, each attempt of hers is followed by an entry under a Pay Pal IP address called "CallbackResponse" that lists the basics of her order and then the following response: All of these rates apply to a single item order and not her order of four items. We have a shipping promotion on, basic table rate shipping goes to 99c when you order $99 or more. She was ordering $99, she said the 99c option would flash up then go away and be replaced by the single item $7.70 rate shown above. All I know is this customer was repeatedly trying to order using her laptop, but I do not know what browser or any other details. She tried for two days straight to repeatedly order and get the 99c shipping deal before I found out and offered her a Paypal.me link to complete the transaction without further hassle to her, so I don't want to badger her for more information. Has anyone seen anything like this?
  7. Sam-AUST

    Pay Pal App (EC) - Customer Fed Wrong Shipping Rates

    @@Gergely I noticed you and Raiwa talking about something that had "SHIPTOCOUNTRY" in the logs, still confused what it was all about but the Callbackresponse showing up in the Pay Pal logs is listing the buyer's country as SHIPTOCOUNTRY. More of my logged Pay Pal transactions are starting to have a Pay Pal IP callbackresponse following up afterwards when I never had those before, just trying to work out what is going on, do you have any idea?
  8. Got it Frank, I darkened the light blue of those sections so the creamy colour text shows up. Why must I work with these earthy colours? LOL
  9. @@frankl I just did it and it changed the billing address header and payment method but not the ones with the blue background (delivery address and shipping method).
  10. Sam-AUST

    PayPal App v5.000

    @@Harald Ponce de Leon sorry to put this here but all my Pay Pal EC transactions are starting to log callbackresponses in the log immediately after them. This was never happening before, just started happening and some customers are abandoning carts. I haven't updated to this latest version as I'm waiting for the street2 thing to happen.
  11. Sam-AUST

    PayPal App v5.000

    Incidentally, I think some customers put apartment numbers and all sorts of things in that slot, so it's worth adding in.
  12. Sam-AUST

    PayPal App v5.000

    Hi Harald, I think he may be busy as I'm waiting to hear back from him myself, hehe Ty Greasemonkey!
  13. Sam-AUST

    PayPal App v5.000

    Harald, does the auto update change anything with regards to the Street2 part of the address being captured? It's just that I vaguely remember Jack altering our installation to make sure we got the second line in the address (often when Aussies put their town/suburb name). Also, I wonder if you are able to comment on my recent post in the PayPal forum re: a customer being fed the incorrect shipping rates?
  14. Sam-AUST

    Pay Pal App (EC) - Customer Fed Wrong Shipping Rates

    So far, PayPal tech support have been absolutely no help whatsoever. He said your API requested a callback response. Erm, it's odd that there hasn't been any other customer using PP EC that logged the same kind of response in the PayPal App logs.
  15. I thought I was as I'm sure I had that change made months ago. Now I'm not so sure, hehe
  16. Ty for the tip, I thought I'd tried this and it didn't work but I will try again.
  17. Haha, see - that is part of my complaint about PayPal express, that it does not put the correct address in when used. I can guarantee you that Forestville is in that address in PayPal.
  18. Sam-AUST

    PayPal App No shipping

    @@burt we have instant update on and have SSL, we add items to cart, click the express checkout button, go to paypal, login. There we have an Australian address by default, we change it to a USA address and the instant update refreshes and remains on Australian rates. We then cancel, return to the site, go to Pay Pal express checkout again, login to Pay Pal again, this time the USA address is default, the shipping rate for USA is showing. Out of curiosity we then changed the delivery address to an Australian one, instant update refreshed the rate.. to the rate for the USA. We have very basic country-wide shipping rates and modules. So a shipping rate applies to an entire country, rather than split between states or anything complicated. We currently have a customer trying to order with table rate shipping that reduces to 99c once you are spending at least $99 and while some customers are having no trouble using it, whenever she goes through checkout she gets offered the rate for a single item ($7.70) instead of the 99c (and other options) for the four items she is checking out with. I'm seeking help on it but it makes me worry about even using express checkout.
  19. Sam-AUST

    Anyone made a module for Afterpay or Zippay (Australia)

    Thank you Frank. I have been talking to a merchant friend of mine and she said Afterpay is quite a bit more popular with customers.
  20. Sam-AUST

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    One of my really old websites has an order editor that looks put together by the same people.. and if you minus an amount when editing the order there it works, it seems weird an older version would work better than the latest version.
  21. Sam-AUST

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    This is the thread mentioned on my order_editor.php page, but I cannot get mine to take discount coupons into account (or any discounts at all). I can get an amount such as -44.00 to show - but the total price doesnt reflect the discounted price. Am I doing something wrong?
  22. Hi guys, just received this email from Pay Pal: The only thing I need to know is, will the PayPal app (for Oscommerce) need changes made to it for Payments Standard to work?
  23. Sam-AUST

    Pay Pal Standard doesn't use Page Style (or store name)

    Pay Pal's final reply to me once it was escalated to a higher level was.. page styles are no longer supported with Hermes. You can change the Primary and have all your pages look like that, but as for other custom looks and names, they won't show up.
  24. In the latest Pay Pal app version, with Pay Pal standard, the "Page Style" defined does not show up and in fact even the cancel and return to (store) link uses our main Pay Pal account name rather than the store name. There's nothing wrong with the page style, as it showed correctly in PP Express - which also used our store name rather than Pay Pal account name. Is it possible there's an error in the code somewhere that these things are not showing in Pay Pal standard?
  25. Sam-AUST

    Pay Pal Express Checkout Erratic Addresses

    @@Gergely the thing is this is not just in oscommerce, it's in Bigcommerce software and on eBay in transactions there also.