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  1. Advice re: php7 and BS Gold

    @@bruyndoncx when you ran a test order after switching, did you try the change address page?
  2. Advice re: php7 and BS Gold

    I assumed it would need to be updated sooner than a few years down the track. This is such a frustrating situation.
  3. Advice re: php7 and BS Gold

    @@greasemonkey the thing is, I have to move now and upgrade later anyway, am I not just delaying the inevitable?
  4. Advice re: php7 and BS Gold

    I agree mate, I do agree there, it is a weird one.
  5. Advice re: php7 and BS Gold

    It is odd of them Burt but on the flip side, it's a big company, has had very good uptime, 24/7 support (and I'm Australian, they are in the U.S so that really helps). And honestly, the security in the .htaccess file I think was actually put there by the original developer along with other security measures rather than my host. Before this, I've had seriously long periods with no hassles like this, this is a big first.
  6. Advice re: php7 and BS Gold

    Do you use qtpro or have product attributes? I found it triggered an internal server error and they don't load when editing a product.
  7. Advice re: php7 and BS Gold

    @@Dan Cole I had actually asked Jack if we could go ahead and work on getting the site working on 7 since eventually it will have to be upgraded later anyway. Switching hosts may be a simple thing for a lot of people, but I have quite a setup with my current host, 3 osc stores, 3 wp blogs and a couple of static sites. A chaotic nightmare to try and recreate. I just don't have the time to switch hosts either, I am trying to keep my head above water with our retail sales and sinking fast. There is never enough time in the day to get everything done and insufficient money to hire anyone to work on the premises because it does seem like we are either in or headed for a recession. Online marketplace sales have dropped through the floor for a lot of Australian sellers I know, it's a tough time.
  8. Advice re: php7 and BS Gold

    Thanks Dan, I had already been in touch with Jack re: doing the upgrades to PHP 7, I just wasn't sure which was the right direction to go. I feel a bit one step forward, two steps back at the moment.
  9. Advice re: php7 and BS Gold

    @@Dan Cole this was the official response from my host about this upgrade:
  10. Advice re: php7 and BS Gold

    Different cpanels. Each website has it's own subaccount under a main reseller account. Each was set up the same way though.
  11. Advice re: php7 and BS Gold

    Same server too! I am still undecided whether to move hosts or try and work with 7, making decisions is not my strong point. The host suggested having a VPS but my knowledge is very limited, I am a retailer, not a developer and all code is pretty much Greek to me. One of the 3 sites is months in the works, to replace a 12 year old retail site and before I could even finish and launch it, it's already outdated because of the change to php 7.
  12. Advice re: php7 and BS Gold

    Everything is identical as far as that goes Dan
  13. Advice re: php7 and BS Gold

    I am not sure, I have Gold running on 5.6. The other weird thing is, I have three sites all created from the same files, with the same mods other than only 1 having burts key system installed. One had a mass of depreciated this and that errors, the other two didn't have that but obviously have some issues in the back end, like internal server error on the attributes. I can't understand how all three don't have the same errors in front. Every file mentioned I checked was identical.
  14. Advice re: php7 and BS Gold

    Just out of interest, php7 completely kills the drop down menus in the backend for adding sizes etc with QTPro (non-BS version of QTPro already installed).
  15. Advice re: php7 and BS Gold

    @@greasemonkey that is actually a good question. I've been with them since 2003 or so, I am seeing if it's possible to upgrade the site but if it's too costly or just too difficult to find all the problems, I may have to change the type of hosting I have.