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  1. Cheers again for that link Henry, but it was already included by myself in the original 1st post above - twice - so in fairness, it may have been more helpful if you told me why you were sharing that link. I worked it out myself; as I explained in my reply, I had missed the 'Content Modules' release notes link, and I wasnt aware that content modules were only introduced for 2.3.4, therefore 'Content Modules' need to be added to any pre-2.3.4 versions to allow Stripe (and some other payment modules) to work. I hope my own replies explain the solution 100% clearly for any other folks who are having the same issue. Particularly those who are not experts with osCommerce :)
  2. @@wHiTeHaT Cheers for the input, just noticed the portion on the linked page (http://library.oscommerce.com/Package&en&stripe&oscom23&stripe_js) about requiring the 'content' modules functionality. THE SOLUTION: So it looks like we need to upgrade from 2.3.3 to 2.3.4 or add that new 'content' functionality, to enable the Stripe payment module to install/work. Also looks like you can also add it manually to older versions of osCommerce: http://library.oscommerce.com/Online&en&oscom_2_3&release_notes&v2_3_4#upg15 Content Modules (6+ files) [Perform Steps 1-4]
  3. Hi there, I was wondering if anybody can help. We are tring to install Stripe as a payment system, and have installed the addon from here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9078 The site runs version 2.3.3 of osCommerce, and I know that it is included in the 2.3.4 version core files, but the addon look pretty simple to install, so we were hoping to be able to use it with 2.3.3 for the moment. I have followed the folder structure within the addon zipped files and placed the files here: /ext/modules/content/account/stripe/cards.php /includes/languages/english/modules/content/account/cm_account_stripe_cards.php /includes/languages/english/modules/payment/stripe.php /includes/modules/content/account/cm_account_stripe_cards.php /includes/modules/payment/stripe.php So after uploading the correct files to the correct folders, we are supposed to see the module @ Administration Tool -> Modules -> Payment -> Install Module page. There are many other payment gateways available on that page, but Stripe has not appeared within that list. Is there something Im missing here? Any help greatly appreciated! p.s. please note that the folder structure outlined in your online installation help guide (http://library.oscommerce.com/Package&en&stripe&oscom23&stripe_js) and in the similar PDF included in the zipped file itself (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9078) are different to the folder structure containing the files themselves within the zipped addon. So this did cause some minor confusion as to where the new files should be placed. In the end I went with the actual structure containing the files within the zipped folder itself, not the guide's structure.