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  1. is there any gift card module. we can use to send to customers so that they can enable the amount by using the code print in the card (we will shipped to the customers). i have 1000 printed cards with card numbers like we have amazon gift cards with number backside. i want to sell them to my customers and with this gift amount they can purchase my store products.
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  3. HI Robert, I am using SSPP module for specific shipping charges for specific product. my requirement are that i am wanted only one product to have special shipping charges. for only specific product I don't know how to setup this module so that it should work as i needed. for the time i have set this sspp module but this module shows the option for all the products while i need for only product. i have set sspp for single product shows the charges i wanted but also i wanted to not show other shipping methods for this product. while all other product shows a shipping charges 0 with other shipping methods as well. is it possible with SSPP module the following? sspp for single specific products only with no other options for shipping methods while if sspp not set for a product then other shiping methods should display and sspp should not be the option.