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  1. This contribution will add a Print Order Button to the Checkout Success page, as well as the Acccount History Info page, so your customers can have the option of Printing a copy of their order(s). When the Print Order button is clicked, a JavaScript PopUp Window will be displayed with the customers Order Information. From this window, the customer can easily click on the Print Button to print a copy of the Order It also adds this same functionality to osCAdmin for the Store Administrator in both the Customers and Orders sections for printing Order Invoices and Packing Slips. It makes the Invoices and Packing Slips MUCH MORE presentable! I have also included the My Store Logo v1.1 contribution, which places a new configuration option in osCAdmin --> My Store, and will allow you to easily control the Store Logo Image which is displayed in both the Catalog and in osCAdmin from a single location. Currently, if you want to change the Store Logo in the Catalog, you have to edit the header file in the "includes" directory. If you want to display the Store Logo in osCAdmin, you have to edit at least four other files. I hope you like this contribution! If you have any questions or issues, please post them in this thread. Good Luck! -R
  2. =============================================== osC_GiftWrap Module v1.0 =============================================== OVERVIEW There has always been a lack of solutions available for offering a GiftWrap Option for your customers orders. I found a few suggestions in the osC Forums, but they are more like "work-arounds", not the "REAL THING". So, I decided to write one! I spent alot of time getting this to function correctly. It wasn't easy. Anyone that is familiar with the osCommerce checkout process knows what I mean. If you find any bugs or errors, please email me. I must say this, though... I was VERY disappointed when I posted messages here the osCommerce Forum asking for a bit of help when I got stuck... and absolutely NO ONE from the Community offered any assistance what-so-ever! :( So this is all me. We should all be working together in the single goal of advancing this great product! =============================================== WHAT WILL IT DO? This GiftWrap Module Addon will provide the option of adding GiftWrap to the Order during the Checkout Process. <- osCAdmin -> This Addon contains... 1 new Order Total Module - ot_giftwrap.php 2 new GiftWrap Modules - giftwrap.php and nogiftwrap.php 1 new Class file - Gift.php All of which are controlled via osCAdmin under Modules. You will see that a new GiftWrap Option will appear in osCAdmin under Modules and a new GiftWrap selection in Modules -> Order Totals. Each of these new Modules needs to be activated to work correctly! Make sure you adjust your Order Total Sort Options to display your Order Total options in the right order. <- Checkout -> A new box is created on the Checkout Shipping Page asking... "Would like to GiftWrap your Order?" There are two options, GiftWrap or No GiftWrap. Each with an associated cost configured in osCAdmin. The GiftWrap amount is applied to the Order and appears on the Checkout Confirmation Page, both in the Shipping Summary and in the Order Totals. This same information will be included on the Customers Order Invoice and Packing Slip. =============================================== REMARKS Please remember that this is osC_GiftWrap Module v1.0! I am presently working on a future release with more features, such as... -> checkbox selection instead of the radio buttons. -> Add a "GiftCard" Message - A Personalized Message or Greeting to the Recipient -> Free GiftWrap with Purchase Amount -> Choice of Wrapping Paper If you have any suggestions to make this osC GiftWrap Module better, let me know... I am VERY open to suggestions. Please eMail me. ===============================================
  3. This contribution adds the ability to choose, from the within the Store Admin, the style of Product Listing you wish to use for your Store. You will now have the choice of the standard Product Listing (in a list form), or in Columns. You can change the look of your Product Listing Pages with a single click! This is VERY simple to install. INSTALLATION TIME: 1 minute! 1. Run the MySQL statement included in the readme.txt 2. Rename your existing catalo/includes/modules/product_listing.php to product_listing.old 3. Upload new product_listing.php That's it. Settings are in Admin -> MyStore -> Product Listing You should see settings for "Product Listing Display Style" and "Number of Columns for Product Listing". Make your changes and give it a go. Post any issues, comments or suggestions here. Let me know how it goes for you. -R
  4. Hi all... I needed Gift Certificate Images for my new store, so I created new ones. The images that are currently available are practically unreadable and I was unable to find any related clipart. This package contains a total of 8 Gift Certificate images. The Gift Certificate Prices are $25, $50, $75, $100, $125, $150, $175 and $200. Unzip the files and place them in the /catalog/images directory. Enjoy!
  5. Hey there Josh, I went to the PWA forum but really couldn't find a whole lot and didn't really want to go seaching through so many pages of posts. Your problem basically comes down to session information. The customers PWA session info is killed just before checkout_success.php is run. I gave you some ideas in my last post... Did you try any of them? Because this functionality does not currently exist, you will either have to be creative in finding a solution, or pay someone to do it for you. Let me know if I can help any further. -R
  6. Hey all, I know its been awhile, but let me jump in... here's what I see the problem with using osCPrintOrder with PWA... With PWA, the customer never "logs in". The customers PWA session is killed when checkout_process.php is run. This means that when the customer reaches the Checkout_success, there is no customer infomation to be queried, and consequently, no way for osC to know the order info at that point. The idea of PWA is the customers no longer have access to their order info once they reach checkout_success.php. Since they haven't created an account, there is no way for them to login to view information. In fact, that is what it states when the choice is given to either login, register or PWA. Basically, PWA is only good during Checkout, after that, the customer no longer has access to order info. Now, there are a couple of ways around it, BUT... you could be looking at security issues. Instead of querying the customer info to get the Order Info, you could just make the query based on the order number. You could pass the order number itself to checkout sucess from checkout_process.php, then use this order number to query the order info. The drawback to this is you are basically giving unsecure (not logged in) access to your order information to someone that is NOT LOGGED IN, which could then be used to gain access to your other customers orders and information. The other, more secure option would be to move the killing of the session info to checkout_success. Instead of killing the session info in checkout_process.php and prior to reaching checkout_success.php, you would have to move this routine to checkout_success, which would kill the session info when the continue button is pressed. This would keep the Customer and Order info intact until the continue button is pressed... and allow the Customer to print the order info. In order to accompish this, you would have to re-code checkout_success.php and checkout_process.php. I hope all of this makes sense and it helps shed light on your issues with PWA. -R
  7. ugottasalsa

    [COntribution] osC-ProductListingSelect for MS2

    okay... I'll jump in. I know its been awhile. When you move your mouse over the buy now button, what URL appears? If it does not contain the correct product info variables in the URL, then nothing will be added to your cart. Have you made any other modifications to index.php or produt_listing.php? Remember, the products in a particular category are displayed with the product_listing.php module, but it gets its info directly from index.php. Hope this helps. -R
  8. I was thinking that it would be a cool feature to have a Shipping Rate Estimator on the Product Page that used the active Shipping Modules to provide the rate quotes. I realize that there is already a "Ship-In-Cart" contribution that actually works really well... as long as someone places items in their Cart. If they dont add the item to their cart, then no shipping info will be displayed. Just like the Ship-In-Cart contribution, all that would need to be displayed is the rate quote for the specific product that is being viewed... If the Customer is logged in, the shipping rate would use the Customers Zipcode from their account info. If they are not logged in, a dropdown box or text box for zip code would be displayed. No Order Totals or anything extra like that, just the rate calculator. Now, one thing I have done is successfully integrated a HTML-based UPS Rate calculator into the Product page which basically provides the customer a text field to enter their zipcode, a dropdown to select the method(i.e. ground, next day, etc...) and a calculate button that opens a new browser window and displays the requested UPS Shipping Rate information. But... I would really like to take this an extra step and use osC's integrated functionality to display the rates right on the Product page, rather than having to open a new browser window. I have started hacking at the code already and it seems like the the shipping information for the integrated modules are tied into the Cart and Order classe files. Since the shipping rate information to be displayed really has nothing to do with the Cart and Order classes, I need to figure out a way to make this process run independently. Would anyone like to work on this with me? I have already started and would really like some help and make it a community effort. I think it would be a great feature to add to the product page. Let me know. -R
  9. This is an enhancement to the Loginbox/My Account v5.2 infobox contribution authored by Linda McGrath with www.TheWebMakersCorner.com. Everyone should make it a point to thank Linda for all of her hard work and excellent osCommerce add-ons and mod's that she has made available to all of us! Please visit her website for a multitude of osCOmmerce add-ons, mods and resources... http://www.thewebmakerscorner.com. THANK YOU LINDA... FOR EVERYTHING!!! You can find it here... http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,849 Prerequisites To use this enhancement, you MUST have already installed Linda McGrath's Loginbox/My Account v5.2 infobox contribution. If you haven't installed it yet, stop now and go do it! Let me know if you have any questions. Good Luck! -R
  10. ugottasalsa

    [COntribution] osC-ProductListingSelect for MS2

    Did you run the associated SQL statement on your MySQL DB to add the config options? -R
  11. Okay... so you ran the SQL query... did you verify that you actually have a payment_info field in the Orders table? -R
  12. ugottasalsa

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    Pass on Hooters? :huh:
  13. Its not the .sql file that you are missing... its the Table define that you are missing. Depending on the version of osCommerce that you are using, this will either go in catalog/includes/application_top.php OR database_tables.php. This also is the same for the Admin section, too. -R
  14. ugottasalsa

    Article Manager v1.0

    Sure.... just don't add it to either of your columns. -R
  15. ugottasalsa

    Article Manager v1.0

    Looks like you missed the language file defines that belong in catalog/includes/languages/english.php. define('BOX_HEADING_ARTICLES', 'Articles'); ...and so on. Look in the Readme.txt file that is included with the contrib, for the following line... Below this line, you will fnd all of the language file defines. -R
  16. That depends on the version of osCommerce that you are using. It could be /catalog/includes/application_top.php or /catalog/includes/database_tables.php. BTW.... All of this is in the instructions. -R
  17. The first error is because you have a missing database table define. Simply add the TABLE_COUPON_GV_CUSTOMER define in the appropriate place. -R
  18. ugottasalsa

    Automated Auction Process

    I can appreciate what you are trying to do, but there are "what if" scenarios that you are just plain overlooking. Sure things SHOULD work, but sometimes they don't. Sh-t happens! ...And yes, it does matter! So what happens if... The Winning Bidder logs in, adds the item to his/her cart, then the phone rings... the baby starts crying... and the kids come home from school. When they finally realize that they were in the middle of paying for their auction, its a day or two later. BUT... by this time, the cart session has expired, and since the DB was already updated when they logged in for the first time, they can no longer login. Now what? Here's another one... You have just logged in as the winning bidder, you haven't added the item to your cart yet, and your PC decides to freeze, causing you to have to reboot. When rebooting, the system will no longer boot? The DB has already been updated so you can no longer login, and their never was a Cart session. Now what? Look at the bigger picture instead of being so closed minded. YOU may not ever experience this, but others might. If you are going to do something, don't do it "half-way". Be professional... do it right! Look, I don't mean to seem harsh, but there are too many people that are being plain lazy and not looking at every possible variable for their contribs. This unfortunately is a good example of just that. You have a good thing here, but its not quite complete. There are a few grey areas. Just because you want to stay away from the core osC files is no excuse. THIS IS AN ADDON FOR OSC... So intergrate it all the way. Instead of saying NO, take it for what its worth. Just my 2 cents. -R
  19. What version of CC/GV are you using? -R
  20. osjunkie... the link should read... gv_redeem.php/gv_no=3434 somehow, you have a comma that shouldn't be there. Track down where the comman is and you will fix your problem. -R
  21. Make sure your active Order Total Modules are set with the correct sort order. -R
  22. leafi... One idea would be to make the Coupon Text a different and brighter color than everything else so it's a bit more eye catching. Since this is not currently a feature included with the contribution, you are completely welcome to write the code. Then, you can share it with all of us. :) It can be accomplished with Javascript and an alert box. -R
  23. The Coupon Redeem info and link is displayed prominently in the Shopping Cart infoBox. Just click on the link and a popup is displayed with the Coupon info. -R
  24. ugottasalsa

    Automated Auction Process

    harborsales problem is this... When a winning bidder logs in for the first time, the AUCTION_INFO table for this auction is updated with a SET PRODUCTS_STATUS='Completed'. So basically, the winning bidder can ONLY login once. <_< WHY? If something happens, and it aways does, that the winning bidder doesn't complete checkout, they can no longer login to finish the order. The SET PRODUCTS_STATUS='Completed' update should happen ONLY when checkout has been successfully completed. Instead, the update should be at the end of checkout_process with all of the rest of the order updates. This would be the logical way to handle it. harborsales... I hope this helps get your issues solved. Let me know where I can assist. ;) -R
  25. Try copying your store logo image to admin/images. -R