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    chrispopp8 reacted to Mort-lemur in Cross Sell for 2.3.1 (X-Sell)   
    Yes it is but there are changes needed - have a look at page 2 of my post here: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/395359-modding-up-a-new-2334-install-documented/
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    chrispopp8 reacted to Dr. Rolex in jQuery/Ajax Advanced Order Handler for osCommerce 2.3.3   
    First of all, I'm a bit drunk right now..
    Hello PiLLaO, is this the first time you install the order handler? Which "base" or "version" are you using? (E.g. code from the instructions or code from the previous  five posts?)
    It's a real mess uploading updated packages to an Add-On here (on osC website), the founders should really get their thumb out of their (assumed) fat asses and update both the forum and the Add-On section.
    I mean, how hard could it be? Could you pleeeease change the f-cking altavista style Add-On search algorithm? The algorithm used now has to have some kind of record in just making people angry and confused... (I mean, I don't want to be rude, but sometimes I get the feeling it's hiding the actual relevant results from me.... Of course the whole problem can and probably are in some degree attributed to me being an idiot but I think it's not all my fault, this time... )
    After all these hours and beautiful ideas which finally culminated in osCommerce 2.2 & 2.3, a really good E-commerce solution in 2003 (estimated..) to get to this point but now, when, well, nobody really knows if their is any strategy for development? Seems more like patch the really awkward problems so at least it looks like it's made for this decade.
    (Could we please just either scrap the 3.0 thing or put it through a newbie steel bath until it's easy enough for any idiot to understand and, of course, all the shitty modules already made within the community can be more or less compatible? The situation today seems be advancing to a "let's keep what we have and please don't stir the f-cking pot we have here, please, version 3 is soon to be released anyway so let's keep the really old code as long as it doesn't create any awkward deprecation notices. We don't want to cause any stir!
    Better that the commercial enterprises continue with the development of E-commerce, they really did a great job this far..
    It's almost like the osC community circus police (someone is directing this circus, open source or not) want to make  osC and Microsoft IE get in pace with each other. Let's wait for that or at least just wait (waiting is the important part)....
    And I guess meanwhile MS get their act together and finish up their law suits and everything we could encourage some opportunists to fork some more E-commerce platforms out of oscommerce. Since they already are, well how many forks are there really?
    This is Okay of course (I mean 9/10 shops look like shit anyway..), but I don't like the current situation where companies has to buy subscription/commitment plans to get their E-commerce business realized and all of them look more or less the same. This will, eventually, and at some point make the web become what it was 1999 with every shop looking almost the same as the next one. No Ajax, because we have to think of the poor suckers (who still uses IE 5/6/X ?), so let's reload the page over and over again. Waste is the new thing, right?
    Better to keep it as it's always been, completely unintelligible layout with a lot of text (In Arial of course..). Banks are a good example, let them lead the way. Really amazing that you sometimes, somehow, in some way can get an pdf out of their system nowadays (only the cutting edge banks of course). Fantastic, they really lead the way and take advantage of all the new possibilities. I Haven't seen one single bank with a intuitive interface yet.. Looks to me like they are afraid of "new" things.
    Yuk! If the OsCommerce team decided to roll up their sleeves, inject some psychotropics ( ...if needed to get thing rolling... ), trash the 3.0 thing completely, then begin with a new 3.0 thing which would be somewhat backwards compatible but still "somewhat" respectable code wise (I mean it's PHP, it will always be a spit on by those people who think they know something but can't sell anything..)..
    Make sure osCommerce comes out green on every row on this page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_shopping_cart_software
    It would be so great if osCommerce once again could lead the way of how future webshop will be formed so we don't have to have the "10-year-vacuum" again when everything look equally bad with the only difference that you can find more ugly pages with Google.
    Obviously, I have sobered up enough now to regret this post, but I have stayed awake too long because of this stupidity to not post it.
    Point is that I still think osCommerce can become #1 again and it doesn't take much to get it there and I base this on how crappy the average webshop is. They still look like shit, all of them. No question about it..
    They are also reaaaaly slow, incredibly slow... And where's the creativity? The artists finally came and created some nice artwork so our eyes don't necessary have to bleed anymore of all animated gifs and flashing images or dancing Christmas trees and some unnamed hero put an end (almost) to the PopUp hysteria. The last years have been more about removing bad ideas than introducing any new ones. Mobile/Responsive pages is new of course...
    Got to love the ones that still use some kind of Flash to show a spinning gnome or something on their holiday offer, real refreshing.. Also quite depressing to see banks that require some weird 64-bit Java application or similar for authentication (like that would make them more secure..)
    Holy something my head hurts now, why didn't I go to sleep instead..
    Summa summarum, I'm guilty of not following any of the osc development threads and of not contributing to any of them. I just hate how bad the internet still is after all these years and now even with people with actual education still doing equally bad websites.
    I want oscommerce to be more of a flag ship again but the community (forums and website) have to get some kind of makeover. Searching Add-Ons must be fixed, it's really terrible now, feels like getting trapped in Soviet bureaucracy...
    Add-Ons Statistics? Behold, the most popular Add-On as of 2011....
    osC 3 should have everything included from the Wikipedia list and this is something I can contribute somewhat to. Got to love giving desirable features for free, right? B) :thumbsup:
    Let the people who use IE <9 die in their loneliness. We can't wait for those people forever, it's their choice to use a browser which doesn't support the internet standards from this millennia. The Viruses will probably kill their computer eventually anyway, so problem will solve itself eventually..
    Well, this is going to be a terrible day for Dr. Rolex :x
    My only hope is to find someone with an even worse condition than myself, expectations very slim....