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  1. Oh one more thing. The developer of my site told me to give the following information. Oscommerce version 2.3.4 Paypal standard version 3.2
  2. I previously used a different shopping cart for my website and I didn't like it. So I paid a lot of money to have my site re-designed and switched to oscommerce. I opened my new site 3 weeks ago and it works great except for this same issue that others are having. Since opening, I have had several customers contact me via email asking if their order went through because after paying with paypal they were taken back to their shopping cart with the items purchased still there. A couple of people told me there was an error message at the top of the page. Since I can't afford to pay any more money out for my website, the developer of my site sent me a link to this forum and wished me luck. After reading this entire posting, I contacted every customer who has placed an order since my new site opened and asked what kind of computer they used, whether or not they were taken back to their shopping cart, and whether or not they received a order confirmation email from my store. I heard back from everyone except three. For the 11 orders where the customer was taken back to their shopping cart with the items still in their cart, every single purchase was either made from a cell phone or ipad or tablet. None of these customers received a confirmation email from my store. For the 8 orders that had no issues, the customer was using a regular computer. These customers received a confirmaton email from my store. I don't use any other payment method except paypal. So I can't even have the developer of my site turn it off and have customers use another payment method. This issue makes my site - Me!!! - look stupid and amateur. I don't understand why someone official hasn't addressed this issue!!! Why??? If said official person or people are too busy right now, at least throw a bone and give a date as to when you think you'll be able to look at the issue. To just ignore an entire posting of people having this issue is really unprofessional. I am trying to build my business and I just really want to give everyone a smooth shopping experience so that they will be more likely to come back. Please help. Except for the paypal payment issue, the site otherwise works great and I like oscommerce so much more than the shopping cart I previously used. Thanks for (hopefully) reading this. Ana