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  1. JP_Gonçalves

    Creating payment module

    the insert points feature is already though, the thing is to actually execute the code... :/ but thanks, I have an idea of how to properly do it! :D
  2. JP_Gonçalves

    Creating payment module

    No money will be involved in the transactions, but the points act like real money.. if youre buying something that costs 200 points and you have 1000 points, it'll remain 800 points.. What I need is to use points instead of money. that's all
  3. JP_Gonçalves

    Creating payment module

    Hi guys! I'm posting this because I need help to create a new payment module, I think it's possible, but I dont know how to "execute" the code... So, the problem is: I need to create a new payment module so that when the costumer finishes it's buy and goes for the payment area, he will pay with "points" instead of real money. those points must be earned by doing stuff for the community like posting videos on YT and etc.. I was thinking that I could creat a new column on the DB.. each user would have it's points on the DB, like a card, when you make a buy, the amount of points that you spent, gets taken from you of course.. The real problem is actually do the column and the new payment method, wich I have completly no idea how to do it. If you guys can help me... Thanks in advance, João Pedro Gonçalves