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  1. I came across something similar, when I use the easypopulate addon, if there are fields in the db being imported that aren't the paths that you uploaded through the admin panel then it will overwrite, it assumes you want the paths in the db you're giving it. To replicate, edit a product's images, upload a product through EP with a new image path, image will be changed to new path. To resolve: change the paths in your database to your new images prior to updating the product db.
  2. Had the same issue, should be noted De Dokta's fix is the one that worked for me. Thanks Dr. J
  3. thanks fellas, yeah I'm not going to place anything in header or footer, had to do some tricky css stuff to get my banner how I'm happy with it and I don't intend to change it until i have a better understanding.
  4. Hello community, I'm feeling rather dumb right now, I have several addons and module boxes installed in my left and right margins such as categories, a search box, company info and such -- I can't seem to change the order in which they appear through the normal method in the admin panel "Sort order of display. Lowest displayed first" seems like a very simple tooltip, I've numbered them 0 through 2 as I've got 3 boxes on each margin -- am I doing something dumb? http://i.imgur.com/nkj3FPk.png Hoping to move the Year Make Model contrib to the top, and on the right margin the search box on top
  5. CJAnnihilatorCustoms

    [Contribtion] Year/Make/Model for OSC v2.3.x

    has anyone had any success installing this contribution using with bootstrap running on top? I make my revisions to all the files and then I get a white page for my test environment, no errors. Admin panel still works, I can actually go into modules > boxes and install the ymm addon, though i dont see it through catalog as specified in step 10's readme.
  6. I'm afraid things like scrollspy will cause more of a fuss than they're worth -- there are much less... visual ways.. to update data on a page without a page reload. Categories are a huge worry for me, I need to find a solution, sites like mine where we're trying to achieve something like 300 thousand products active, the categorization tree is going to become overly large and unworkable. in other words, ajax ajax ajax ajax
  7. Nobody is giving you feedback, so I've gotta step up and say keep at it, this is helping me a ton.
  8. Not to resurrect an old thread, but can anyone recommend a good accordion style category tree addon that is compatible both with and BS? Preferably something that front loads, uses ajax style retrieval, I have a site where we sell car parts, making a user click on type of part > further type of part > make > model > year -- thats like 5 page loads before they see a product. I hate that my first post is to ask for the world, but I've been checking out addons all day that say they'll work with and yet break my test environment.