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  1. The delivery address is created when they create an account.


    You, the shopowner, need to install two shipping modules, one for pickup, one for delivery. Maybe use "per item" (price set to zero, assume you deliver for free) and "flat rate" (price set to zero)...now find the respective language files for those delivery methods and change the text of each to "pickup" and "we deliver to you".


    You might also want to have a time controller on the shipping page so that the buyer can select what time they want the pizza delivered.

    Hi Friend Could you link me to the 3 modules, i'm kinda new at all this. Thank You

  2. Hello i have a pizza shop OS Commerce Theme.


    When i customer adds the pizza order  to the checkout page, I need an option for Pickup or delivery and fill in there details address ect.


    so some kinda of Local module.


    Any Help Thank You