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    bkiani reacted to joli1811 in Other pictures of small product display   
    Well go to the link above that was posted and there is a detailed explanation of how to add several product images
    If you mean something else you will have to be a bit more clear
    The normal install lets you add as many images as you want  the first image  being a thumbnail best to have 150px to 200px depending on your site
    The second image is normally the same image just a larger version because of the pop up
    After that you can install as many images  as you want they will appear as thumbnail below the main product image
    Now the forum is here to help but a lot of your recent questions could have been answered by simply testing
    It is not  here to take you by the hand a certain degree of self help is needed when working with any open source system.
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    bkiani reacted to surfalot in AJAX Attribute Manager support   
    are you looking on the "Products Attributes" admin page, or the product edit page?  If it is installed correctly, when you open an existing product for edit, a gray box should appear just below the product pricing.