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  1. Hello @raiwa deleted all rows table sessions The problem was solved Thank you
  2. @raiwa thank you
  3. this page view this error 1136 - Column count doesn't match value count at row 1 insert into products_attributes values (null, '52', '6', '3', '0', '+')
  4. In file template_top This code is written <!-- AJAX Attribute Manager --> <?php if ((basename($_SERVER["SCRIPT_NAME"]) == FILENAME_CATEGORIES)) { require('attributeManager/includes/'); } ?> <!-- AJAX Attribute Manager end --> <!-- AJAX Attribute Manager --> <body onload="goOnLoad();"> <!-- AJAX Attribute Manager end -->
  5. @raiwa excuse me products_attributes.php That's right. I made a mistake
  6. @raiwa I did "" remove also the code in template_top.php and products_attributes.php "" I did not see any errors
  7. @raiwa Thank you so much for trying to fix my problem
  8. In this section, " products_attributes.php " I encounter an error
  9. @raiwa Hello I did not fix the problem " Can you temporary remove the ajax attribut manager code in that page to be sure it's this. "
  10. Hello



  11. I sent it privately
  12. @raiwa delete all row table sessions and clear Browsers cache but see this error There was an error while retrieving the URL: Forbidden
  13. @raiwa Thank you so much I will test I hope the problem is resolved
  14. @raiwa This plugin is very interesting and good It worked very well This problem started since I changed the administrator directory
  15. How should I do this ???